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October 18, 2013
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5C @ 150kmh by Omar-Dogan 5C @ 150kmh by Omar-Dogan
The van is loose on an open highway! 5C is on the way shortly to dA free for all to read 45 pages worth.

So what's 5th Capsule about?

Well, here's what it's not about: Violence, Superheroes, World Domination, Obvious Enemies, Martial Arts, Apocalyptic Wars / Scenarios, Aliens, Monsters, Magic, Unnecessary Explosions. There goes half the audience! That's okay, I'm not mad, they'll find lots of that stuff out there since the industry is saturated with it and it's saturated with that because that's what people want and they have every right to, I'm not hating. However I say to all my fans who know me for Street Fighter and the like, this is as far a departure as you can get. I think you might also enjoy it. It's free so you can't really complain!

I'm going for the Slice o' Life type deal, with a lot of other stuff thrown in. I basically do what i like and try to reflect how life has been like for me. This book is basically all the things I wanted to draw in a world similar to our own that I designed. We follow Gradius through his quest to attain his goal while negotiating interesting injections of chance and opportunity thrust upon his path. It's geared for college students, not kids. If you've ever had a relationship, you'll like this. This book is like a cross between I"s and Oh My Goddess in some ways.

Perhaps your thinking of a previous 5th capsule from before in the Vent book by UDON. Think no longer about that, as this version is a total reboot. if you liked that story, i invite you to read it again, but you will not find me touch anything from the story line as it was essentially a writing experiment of sorts.

Another question you might have is why am I not publishing this and giving it away for free. One thing I've learned over the years is that companies main aim through and through is to make money and there's nothing wrong with that. However where I take exception is when I feel that my ideals and goals will be compromised for sake of money.

Here's a couplet I wrote that sums it up:

An artist doing art for itself
is truly doing art indeed,
but if he does it for someone else,
it becomes the art of need.

So to drive the point home, I don't want someone over me to say it should be this way or that way, nor do I want the need of cash to make me swerve off my path. So I keep my work separate from my art. I am a commercial artist, that's my career, I visualize people's ideas for money. If I cut this aspect of money out, and the typical comic format out, and catering to what I think my bosses want out, then I would say that this is the sure fire way to give you art in it's purest form.

Now without a doubt, it's clear I can only do this for so long before my two kids and wife complain of hunger. I had to save up two months salary to be able to work on these 45 pages, and also not work at all on paying work for 40 days. It's a huge sacrifice of money and time that I will not always be able to give at cost. So that's where you come in. If this is a success and you really really like it, then I'll do a Kickstarter with lots of incentives, and make the next batch of art in colour and try to make a book. I will have more details as things progress and review other options as well If I print a book, it'd have tutorials and bonus art in there as well, I could use sales to fund more story.

It would be awesome to work on this full time, and be free to do as I like. Maybe we can make it happen, but give it a read when it comes out here, and enjoy it either way! I'm aiming for November 2013 to start posting things.

Thanks guys, your support makes it happen.

Fav this image to show your support and share it on FB etc, little things like that make me feel confident!
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ernestlamoureuxinc Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Realy good work, I read all the current pages (30) and I look forward for the next...

One thing, it's a "déformation professionnel", did you put timezone on your map?
Omar-Dogan Dec 30, 2013  Professional General Artist
I didn't because it didnt play into the story as of yet, but I have many more maps that i have not posted. If i do post more maps they willhave things liek that. usually atlases dont have the  time zones on the map in general except for the date line. I will do a timezone  map when the time comes !
ernestlamoureuxinc Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thumbs up emote 
lushan Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist
This is amazing, what you're doing!! I'll help spread the word, too!

*AND GASPS* Is that a Mitsubishi Wagon?? Delica L300?! Regardless- SO AWESOME!! My boyfriend has something so incredibly similar (Mitsubishi Wagon from the 70s/80s)!! Maybe I should ask him to grow sideburns and cosplay Gradius, hahaha- xD
LCom Nov 19, 2013   Digital Artist
I've been really interested in whatever's going on with 5C since you started posting stuff for it, so I can't wait to get to read what it's all about! And if it does lead to a Kickstarter I'll kick in as soon as I can!
Glad to see you making it happen,  I've been looking forward to seeing 5C for a while now. Art made just because you love it, the real expression of the individual. Thanks for letting us check it out for free
Melloiguana Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Not many people have this chance to live their dreams and better yet, being helped to accomplish their dream. I will support you the best that I can! P.S the van reminds me of the types of vehicles people drive in the middle east....coincidence? I like the van though :D
Heero89 Nov 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
YAY!!!  I love the van.
ExevaloN Nov 2, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Excellent and I hope you can make this dream a reality Omar! Looking forward to this.
OMG... I love the kei van. :D Keep it up, man. 
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