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November 1, 2013
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5c - 03 / 04 by Omar-Dogan 5c - 03 / 04 by Omar-Dogan


This is basically where our country Kalmen began
with only about 5000 people when our Capsule landed in the Ontam area.
Being that we were so far south compared to the other Capsules, we never really had any
major wars like they did in the East. (Nordland and Halcon are close neighbours and have fought more
than once for land.) Generally, the oldest parts of the city are where you would expect them,
close to the Capsule itself. Much of that area is now a Heritage Site, and security is
very tight around it as with all Capsules worldwide.

Chronologically, Cobter was fairly recent insofar as expansion of population goes being incorporated
only 300 years ago.  People are just allowed to live in the boundries delineated by the state, and
only every so often new regions are opened up to be populated. The Oil Coast, Amilia, Kalban, and
anything north up to Starram have been developed in the last 100 years or less as we are in the
midst of a large growth period since international trade started. A global market has served
all the countries well and promoted peace for the last century with little exception. We’re the most
advanced technologically and there is an increasing demand for us to share our knowledge.

Due to our unique tropical locale, the growth season for crops, such as oil palms and corn,
never ends. This means we can supply large amounts of Biofuel as well as produce. Forestry to the North
has increasingly become a more tapped resource as new population regions, like the city of Densler, have
been opened up. (See the first map, Densler is on the west coast of Kalmen)

Climate wise, the west is a more wet than the east in the Ontam Bay area, and as you get up to
Kalban it starts to cool down to a temperate climate with a more prenounced winter.
In the higher elevations of Kalban there’s snow once or twice yearly, but almost never in any populated
areas in the Ontam Bay area. Summers are very hot with humidity increasing to the north and west.
Most tropical storms hit the west coast, but from Ontam eastward you
seldom have to worry about bringing an umbrella.

Each city has it’s own distinctive feature; Tocar is the fashion hub, Amilia is the land of mansions,
and the super elite island of Richmont is the home of only the mega rich. The Oil Coast has a very
different vibe than the rest of the older parts of  the Ontam Bay area. It’s like the young upstart with
lots of money and a large labour sector as well. Tidal Park is the most easterly populated part of our
country  with the driest and warmest climate as well as gougeous beaches. Ontam proper is the
“Centre of the Universe” in most peoples minds because of the massive economic and political decision
making that goes with being the country’s capital city. Cobter is mostly a “blue collar save
your dollar” type of place.  Just south of Cobter City, The Beaches is a nice area since it’s fairly new,
however most of the beaches are privately owned now.

Barring the occasional earthquake, life is pretty calm here compared to what I’ve heard about other
countries. Kalmeners don’t travel much except for business and are pretty locked in their ways and
racist if I may call it as I see it.

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phantomblade88 Featured By Owner May 6, 2014
Does everyone in this comic have tanned skin?
Zachula Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Professional General Artist
Like, seriously thought it out. Very commendable. :thumbsup:
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thanks, there is a lot of effort and restless night trying my best to catch all the plot holes and make it believable.
Zachula Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Professional General Artist
Well, I'd say your best is more than enough. Those nights didn't go to waste. :thumbsup:
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