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August 18, 2009
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Ibuki Makoto DS by Omar-Dogan Ibuki Makoto DS by Omar-Dogan
This piece was originally going to be my 1 000 000 hit piece. I changed my mind as my wife suggested something i hadn't thought of and that is to do an original character rather than a license property (sounds so cold when you say it that way)

I thought she was right, so i will dub this piece as the first art piece done in my new Studio.

Was going for a more light and airy approach here, but again the pencils make it a bit gritty keeping it from looking to synthetic, something i have been straying away from as of late.

The original pencil drawing of this piece is in the hands of one of my more avid collectors 'biggestsonicfan' here on dA. He actually had been bringing me neat and rare things to the cons and just gifting them to me. Well that could not go unrewarded, so i spent a good part of time at SDCC putting this together for him.

I hope he won't feel bad that this wont be the 1 million hit piece, but in my heart of hearts I know that i should do something of my own character for once.

I feel like i am always pumping Capcom stuff, though it is my job, and I genuinely love these characters, but i have my own ideas and story as well.

SO hurry up and get me to a million so i can post something you havent seen before by way of characters! Homebaked ideas FTW.

Sorry Saejin, I wrote too much! See here to understand why : [link]

BW: 2H pencil
Colour: Corel Photopaint 8 (1997 ver.)

Edit: fixed foot on Ibuki
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They're probably playing Mortal Kombat.
Someone just ate a raw Ultra
Wait. Makoto has TITS?
I take it Makoto's losing.
Zarfact Dec 18, 2012  Professional General Artist
....What can i say?
TheTeastyPineapple Oct 5, 2012
Wow, she would have a T-shirt with her name on it.
TredayR3 Jul 11, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
When i see this now...all i think is the out come of my previouse matches with both of these characters. Makoto, although has a high rank, tends to take the most beatings. While Ibuki, low score and still hard to handle, has been on a streak.

And thus...i always end up at my screen lookin like makoto does now. :/
Some of your street fighter works are so brilliant. I love this.

After looking through some of your work, I'd really love to see you draw Pullum Purna (from the SFEX series). I know she isn't capcom street fighter, but I wish she was.

The expressions in this pic are priceless.
Omar-Dogan May 1, 2012  Professional General Artist
Yeah i actually would like to draw more Pullum, i was a huge EX plus A fan.
Well I hope you do because I never tire of trying to promote SFEX art. There just isn't enough of it.
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