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Submitted on
March 8, 2007


Well i am getting close to the 50 000 mark!

I am sorry i havent put up anything in the last few days, i have been having to catch up with work and there is a con coming up next week. That means all the "real" work, and not homework, that i normally do on the weekend, I will have to do early in order to keep pace.

Keep the comments coming, and I have to thank all the people who commented on Country Flower and helped me with that one to make it a better piece, no artist is perfect, always room for improvement! Try to be nice though, nobody likes a punk-ass.

i have received a lot of requests for a specific character and I am happy to say that i have responded with a special piece, that is "timely", i wont explain why i used the word timely, but you will see!  Hopefully it will be done tonight, and I will also be working on the March Character as well too!

happy BDay to our CEO Erik Ko of UDON Entertainment!

Go to the UDONCREW site and say happy bday Erik, it will make his day!

Asalaamalaikum! Peace be on you!
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Jungleshow
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op! and assalamoalakum!!!!
Omar-Dogan Mar 9, 2007  Professional General Artist

yay yay! congrats!!!
Rampsizzle Mar 9, 2007
Another pageview journal! I bet you $10 that you will have 100k in 2 months or less!

Congratz O.D you definately deserve it. Lookin' forward to ya 50k pic.


Always wanted to know how to spell that...
Xiao-Fury Mar 9, 2007  Student Digital Artist
of course!

have you ever stopped and just looked at your art??

it's THAT good!
rickythekid Mar 9, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
hey no prob... i'll be sure to check your profile everyday though for updates. can't wait to see your next masterpiece. :)
Omar-Dogan Mar 9, 2007  Professional General Artist
Thanks for all the kind comments guys, this site is one of the better decisions i have made in a while!

I hope that if i havent meat you already at one of the cons that i see at least some of you this year!

My 50K piece is almost done!
U seem very amazed that your hits are just going up and up! Well u shouldn't be, cuz your art is just that crazy! LoL :D
BossyGirl Mar 8, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Dude that is so awesome! Good luck to all your future ambitions. I've yet to find one ... Eheh
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