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Your feelings.

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 10, 2014, 4:29 PM
I just gotta say I love how some of you are getting into the story of 5C and really digging into it with commentary and analysis.

You won't be disappoint, I promise. Just wait till pages 57 - 62 lol.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Question about world creating:

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 7:14 PM
NicaRox2006 asks:

Hello Mr. Omar, I've been reading your 5c comic and have been a huge fan. I've got a few questions:

How did you build the world? The names of the places, the maps, the social classes, technology etc. It's so very genius! I personally am trying to make my own story/comic, and seeing your comic just inspires me tremendously.

Well this is a tricky question in a way, but I will try to answer it briefly:

Every action should have purpose.

With this thought in mind I created the world for 5th Capsule. I intended it to be a very similar place to our world so that I could play off the familiar things the people already knew. I did this so that people would focus on the characters and not the events of two worlds colliding or anything bigger than that. There are special effects in movies and a similar type thing in illustrated novels.

If I make a world that is totally different then what you know, you will be too busy learning all of the jargon and ways of that world. I knew my audience is mostly western orientated, so it was purpose built for them. I only included very slight changes to give it an eerie feel that while its similar, it is not earth.

Many of the stores/shops you will see are a rip on many of the things that are familiar here. Much in the same way Vice City and GTA games has familiar looking rips of BMWs and Corvettes etc in there.

The world we live on is what we know:

I love weather, ever since I was a child, in fact. I love to study how weather works,  seasons, climate zones and all that sort of stuff. Especially maps.

I made the planet their on, Ord, the same size as earth. It is part of a binary system in which the moon is tidally locked like our own moon. So that the tides are not to catastrophic on both the planets, I would place them far enough apart that the sister planet would appear the same size in the sky as our moon. This would also make eclipses not as severe as well. Again, I don't want these things to out shadow the characters or to have unnecessary attention put on them. They should be as normal for the characters  as they are for us. This is a story about people.

With this in mind I played with simple layouts of seasons and climate so that each of the 4 capsules would have its own biome. being that the capsules have been isolated fomr each other for centuries, they had to adapt to their climate and thus have evolved with intrinsic climatic traits in their clothing and vehicles etc.

The area that their continents span is not larger than the eastern US , say from Cuba to Quebec, yet with in that space there are quite a few different climates. Again the goal was to keep it simple and believable so that  you focus on the characters.

The other reason I did this is so that I could use all the things I learned about climates, weather, and geography and topography. The map making was based off of google maps and I have many more maps than what I have shown, summer temps, winter temps, precip, prevalent winds etc. 

I did this so that I knew that each capsule would have different trees and fauna and that they are distinct.

Basically its like this:

Ontam / Tropical: Similar to Florida south, but drier and less humid.
Yuz Golleri / Sub Tropical / Temperate: Similar to Washington DC.
Grunnanhang / Temperate: Similar to Toronto
Astralado / Arid Continental : Something like Bakersfield CA, or Reading.

Cars, tech, etc.

I love drawing cars, and I like specific cars. So rather than making up thousands of cars no one know, I used what we had here. Billions of dollars are put into the design of cars, and they have a different appeal to different people. SO a Corolla to some is a very basic A to B car that gets the job done, and for some it is the bitch that hogs the left lane which is for passing. I play off these things.

I split it into four categories.:

North American cars = Iskend
Japanese cars = Kalmen
German cars = Nordland
Italian cars = Halcon

As for the tech, I know most of my friends and fans use things like whatsapp, facebook, and all the other sms's. I knew therefore that I had to have all that technology to keep it relatable. As a result you will see these things come into play a lot.

Science and politics.

So much time went into the making of the water science. Many restless nights trying to work out all the plot holes as best as I could. I invented all sorts of laws to the water, and basically made it so that it forced people to stay in their areas.

This allowed me to work politics into it. What happens if the capsule range overlaps, what happens in instances like Starram where two countries own it sort of. Those things cause war, economic trade, and vested interests play themselves out . To me that is much more how the world works than good and bad countries, axis of evil, and nonsense like that.

And even still, is that really what  people aged 20 - 24 are talking about? Not so much, more interesting is the social element, he said she said, and that sort of stuff. So I have a whole history to things, but I have it on the periphery. It will come into play when necessary, but again the focus is on the characters.

Names of places:

I am half Turkish, half German, and I speak English. From that I have three languages to make names from. Many of my fans are loco huevoes, so I picked Spanish as the fourth.

Kalmen : English
Iskend : Turkish
Nordland : German
Halcon : Spanish.

Many of the names are simple  terms describing the place.

Astralado =
Sumerkezi = Water Centre
Yuz Golleri = Many Lakes
Karyamak = It's snowing ( they get a lot of snow)

SO you can see how the climate affects the names of the places. It's all intertwined, and you can make stories for each city since they are different.

As for Ontam is a combination of Ontario and Hamilton. Tocar is Tokyo and Cairo. Many other names are from streets in my area, like Eglinton etc.

In summation  :

The fact is that I didn't really create anything new, just took what was around me and used it differently. I did make sure that I knew the world first before I really started writing. What I have made is basically in stone and all development is complete. I know the distances, the culture, and weather like it's infront of me. It feels like a real place because it's based off of real things.

Hope that answers the question!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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5C to restart today! 3 a week.

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 5:05 AM
So I decided that i will  post the next batch of 10 pages at 3 a week like it's been. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Right now I have page 60 to be drawn and shaded.

12 pages is not impressive to me at all for the duration of time, but i have a lot of personal and family pressures right now that demand attention. I went to NJ for two weeks and ended up getting sick there which postponed the return which cost me time. Renovation, and Dad had a stroke as well so I visit him every two days since he's paralyzed. It's about 40 km away, so it takes time as well since visiting hours are in the day only. I have a lot on my plate right now, needless to say.

I only mention that to excuse my slow progress. I wanted to have  double the pages done, not only 12. I will continue to work throughout April on the book and hopefully get to 20 pages, or at least page 70. I took all of your comments and suggestions and right now I am just taking a final look at the pages before i post the first three of the new batch this week.

5C pages 49 - 60:

To summarize, the next part of the book has more story and some more risk taking. I'm taking my time in this story and am in no rush. I enjoy working on it so much and really wonder how I will work on other stuff past this point.

Will Commissions open?:

After this batch of pages are up, say till page 70, I will do a commission run and see if I can buy another month to work on it. I want 100 pages this fall, and to make a book so that next year I can have something for the conventions. I might open for commissions in June and will have a wider range of options starting at 225USD shipping incl for original art and tons of prints.

Ill have more details, and for the folks who donate/commission me for over 1000 USD/CAD they will have something in the book named after them (Like a company, street, city, mayor), or their likeness appear etc.  I will have more details as to incentives and the commissions need not be 5C related.

Any 5C commissions will go in the book I intend to make.

Is 5th Capsule still free?:

5th capsule as an online story will always be free before any book is released. I said this is a gift, you don't have to buy anything if you don't want. As much as I can, I will work on it because I love it. The book and any merch is only to buy time to work on it, but the story will always be free right here on the largest art community web site. If dA ever closes, I will still offer it somewhere online for free, easily found, and accessible .

I only ask you to read it is all.

Your comments:

Your comments matter, I derive a lot of motivation from them and your insights. If the question you ask is answered in the story, I will not answer the comment, or if it will be a spoiler I will say so.

So just sit back, I am almost done my round of edits and then i will post something before noon!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Page 56 on 5C

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 23, 2014, 3:16 PM
I'm getting there guys, I am getting a lot of pages done.

Right now I had to leave for a little bit, but I'll be back on it soon. I am on page 56 and I will start posting them at a rate of two a week when I get about 70  done!

Sorry for being distant, all my processing power is going to it. I might have to do some other project , but I am still doing a page a day.

I lose sleep at night figuring out plot and characters.

Take care guys!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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5C progress - on page 51

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 7:33 AM
So far I have completed 3 new pages of 5C.

Every so often I will give you guys these updates so you can see how i am progressing. This week i have to leave for a little bit, but I will get right back on it and see how many pages of 5C I can get done before I leave for Japan.

I won't be doing any conventions this year as I want to focus on a whole new line up of things for next year. New prints, a 5C book, and other things.

I will however open for commissions in once all 100 pages are up with a new pricing scheme as well:

All commissions will come with at least 5 prints, and I will make the price points starting at 200 and going up from there. (You'll pay shipping and paypal fee is all, so about +30 - 40$.) All proceeds from that commission run will go towards 5C.

As it is right now I have enough stashed away to do up to 100 pages. Once I post all those , if the support is there, then I will call on people to commission me for whatever they like, SF, Personna, Chrono Trigger , etc and all that money will go to buying another month to work on it.

Take care guy! , These new pages are so much fun, and I have learned form my mistakes. I am increasing the quality and fit and finish of the art and there are plenty more cars, and drama about to unfold.

We set the stage and introduced the characters in the first 47 pages, so now let's have some action!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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On to 5C

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 3, 2014, 7:25 PM

I finished the final page today of Momo, and a few hours have passed with no request for revisions. So that means bye bye Momo!

Tomorrow I have to go and pick up my car after it had some maintenance and do some bank stuff. After that I will begin writing the next 22 pages in more detail and ironing out the plots etc.

I intend to be very hush about it and work in solitude. I will still post some Momo stuff up here so you guys have something to look at, but my full processing power will be place on 5C.

I have figured out a few changes I will make to the style and shading to make it easier to work on and clearer for you guys to read.

I took note of all the things you guys said on that poll of mine,  but again I am not bound by any of it. I only ask those questions so that I can see what you expect from it and see if my assumptions are correct.

The story will be from my own self and I'm looking so forward to it!

I will take a trip to NJ this month and I have some renovations to do as well, but I'm hoping to have pages for you by the end of the month! Once those start I will keep the stream till 100 if I can. I just want to get 20 pages stock piled first.

Take care guys!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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End of an Era

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 27, 2014, 7:04 PM

Today I finished drawing page 199 of Wonder Momo for NamcoBandai. I already started to colour it, and most likely will be able to get page 200 drawn tomorrow. After page 200, there'll be a break for a while.

You know, normally when I finish a large project, I tend to look back and see what all I have learned through it and how it evolved etc. This project is no different in that aspect, but it is different in another way.

When I first got the call to work on Momo, I thought not much of it. At that time I was working at Seneca teaching and had just finished one of the most rigorous stages in my life, work wise and also family wise.

Many of the first pages were blasted out super quick and not much thought was given to them at all. Momo was a thing that was in the way of 5th Capsule, and after a good deal of talk and after changing Momo's age to 18 for my own comfort, I agreed to work on it. The whole story and concept which was unknown outside of Japan seemed to have the potential for some thing I didn't agree with. I don't agree with much as you guys all know.

Still I have to put food on the table, and teaching was slowing down as the thrill was wearing off a bit for me as I had to teach more than expected the previous semester, so I kept going with it. Around page 50 or so I decided to make my best effort and see how good I could make it. I constantly tried tomake it as best as I could.

Later that year I went to Japan, fully paid for by Namco, as was the New York trip, and had a good deal of fun. By this time I had learned a massive amount that I soon used towards 5thCapsule that I would do in the following month that year.

By the time spring rolled around I stopped teaching on the supposition that I would be working on a film and other projects besided Namco /UDON stuff. That did not pan out, yet Momo kept going and evolving. I went one more time on a trip to meet with directors and animation staff in Japan on that making of the Wonder Momo short animations.

You don't have to love the shorts, it doesn't hurt my feelings. It's a far a departure as possible from the way the comic is written, yet it still is very cool to see your BGs on the screen and name.

Also there is a game that I have finished art for as well.

Essentially two years of my life, and  it has no where near the amount of fame and praise that Ibuki /Sakura Legend's has. In fact, I would say that it would seem as though I have fallen off the planet for some as I have been working so hard to get this done with no influx of Capcom stuff.

It should be noted that UDON doesn't work the same way as when I started with it some 13 years ago. By now you notice that most of our product is art books and very little sequential art compare to the golden era back in 2004 - 2007.

So here I am at the edge of yet another huge chapter of my life. Soon, the emails will stop, the uploading will stop and the scripts will stop. I almost feel a little lost and astray, it's a very odd feeling.

I'm a person of routine, I love love love routine. I will eat the same cereal , same lunch , etc for a long time and not get bored of it as with many things. SO to have Momo ingrained in my work routine and then have it come to an immediate halt is a bit of a shock.

There's also a very ominous and odd silence that goes with it with my fans. My fans didn't really care for it at all. SO in a way I feel as though I have lost a lot of my original fans over the past two years.

Also , I think a lot of my fans just grew up and moved on. But there is a new thing I've noticed as well, a very positive one.

5th Capsule, has brought in a new batch of fans, and has given my old fans something new to consider, and now we come to the point:

Starting next week, I can say that I will be on a two month break. I told UDON no more work for at least two months, as I move on to the next 53 pages of 5th Capsule. I have the first batch of pages scripted out. I have a list of improvements I will make to the art, text, and general fit and finish.

I was debating colour for a while, but I will stay in BW tones. I am going to put more emphasis on the drawing of it, and simplify other aspects. I also plan to shade it at a higher DPI, and also reduce the text point as well to give more space for art. I have a few new features I will try as well as I try to experiment more.

So the stated goal is that I have 100 pages done before I go to Japan again in May. 53 pages in two months, maybe not, but I will try as hard as I can.

I will stock pile 20 pages first before I post anything, this way I can have time to edit and clean up things. It will stay at 1300 pi tall. I will not edit the previous pages unless this thing goes to print.

For now this is the route I will take.

As for you fans, I am not sure how many of you are still from before, or how many just came aboard, but thanks for you all must be given. I really feel I am at a strange crossroads, and that horizon in front of me is close. I am almost 40, I won't live forever, and I want to make 5th Capsule something special that no one else can offer you.

I read all of your comments, I don't look down on any of you, and never have. We all have something in common and that is we all entertain each other. I cheer you up with my art and you guys also cheer me up as well.

I look forward to all of your comments always. The reason is that I am a lonely person in point of fact. Yes I have my family, but as for outside folks , all my friends live far away. I don't have time or energy to visit, and life is very busy with my two little girls. I'm not whining, but I am saying that you guys are a source of happiness and support for me.

I really mean that, and I am thankful.

SO here's to Momo, the largest continuous strip I've done that no one really knows about hahah! Thanks to Rob Pereyda, Erik and Jim. Quite the project it was, I enjoyed it more than I thought, and I will miss it.

Here's a good ending credits track for you…

Now, onto 5C!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Only about 8 more pages of Wonder Momo

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 14, 2014, 3:46 PM
Once this set of pages are done for Wonder Momo, I will commence on the next batch of 20 pages of 5C.

I have decided that I will focus all my effort and presence on dA. I don't care for Tumblr or FB. I also don't need audience from those places either, as most people already follow me here. Once I started to reply to comments and allow them, it  reminded me why I like this site the most.

However, over the next month I will be working on 5C as much as possible. I have been really toying with the idea of trying a few coloured pages, but i am getting attached to the BW. Also the BW makes it easy for me to keep it very consistent and simple to work on which makes me want to do more. The colour is a bit distracting at times.

I decided also that i am not going to waste time on pin up art for 5C as it doesn't lend itself to it at all. I just want to do story and more story. Especially now with the new drama I've come up with. Over the next few weeks I will polish the script and start laying it out. Again, it should be about 22 pages.

Once the pages are done, I will mull them over for a few days and polish them some more. Only after that will I post them up , 3 a week. I'm thinking late March is when I will have the next batch of pages up. While those 22 pages go up, I will start on the next batch of 20 - 30  pages, and try to seamlessly continue the strip all the way to 100.

When I hit 100 pages, the first story arc will be done. After that, I really have to think what direction i want to go. The next story arc will be in Tidal Park where things get very interesting! If you like I"s, you'll like this.

But, when I'm doing the pages i will be very quiet and distant as I don't want to divulge any spoilers. Ill just post Momo stuff so you guys have something to look at. All my processing power will be on 5C in a few weeks.

I will make an effort to respond to many of the comments and questions you ask as I will focus only on dA.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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5C pages 48 - 70

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 7, 2014, 8:19 PM

You folks are going to love me for this. What happens when we put Emily, GG, Jess and Gradius together in a scene? Give Emily some more history, Izan too why not.

OH hooo, and yet another new character! Just wait guys, it looks like I will be getting over 2 months to work on 5C!

It will still be in BW, I will calm down some of the "Editor's Notes" as I call them, and relax the italics and bolds on the fonts. Might even reduce the pt of the font a smidge too. Lot's of awkward situations hahah!

No over hype, I have it all written down in front of me and though you guys ought to now the good news! I should be able to start working on it by months end or earlier. Be patient, I will make it as worth it as possible!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Journal Entry: Thu Feb 6, 2014, 3:48 PM
I am trying to arrange a 2 month break, i will have more info on this.

With this two month break, I intend to do another 30 - 40 pages of 5C!

Now below tell me who you're favourite character is and why. No story postulation, Ill take care of that, just  some of your favourite chars or even things.

I will keep it in mind for the next pages.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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My First Japanese Anime Art Credit

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 6, 2014, 6:42 AM
Wonder Momo!

Here is the short film I did character and some location design for, you can view it on Crunchyroll! This is based off a web comic that Erik Ko Jim Zub and i worked on for Namco over the last two years.

Go here to see it free:…

Pretty traditional stuff, but a credit is a credit! My name appears in the beginning.


What about 5th capsule? Don't worry, I'm planning a break and wil try to get another 40 pages if I can! I just have some heavy deadlines over the next two weeks i need to plow through.!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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5th Capsule : Q/A and future plan

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 3, 2014, 7:48 AM
So here we are, 47 pages done and posted. This amount of work too so much effort and thought to try and iron out and make as best as I could make it. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it.

If you haven't read it yet go here!

5c - 00 by Omar-Dogan

The Immediate Future for 5C:

Not everyone will like all things about it, but one thing I think i can say is that it does have it's own style, pacing, and genre in a way. I intend to stay with this format right through the pages. Like I said before, the BW approach is easy for me to do on a daily basis, and if I really wanted, I can colour them at a later point since all of the shades are done.

As for what will happen, I'm going to keep that to myself as I am still deciding where and when I want certain things to happen. I can write  the next part in quite a few ways, but the key points are established, the more interesting order is what i am deliberating. There will be more characters, and more issues, and more cool stuff as well.

So many of the characters are jockeying for main character it would seem, but just trust me, it will come together. I have a purpose in mind, and besides, the other characters give you a chance to hook on even if you don't like one or the other of the characters.

My work schedule:

As it stands I have to finish a sizable block of work for Namco right now as that contract might be coming to a close. On top of this I am still renovating my washroom and kitchen by myself as well as planning a small trip with my family since I promised them, I'm not whining about any of this, it's just a statement of fact.

Like I said I have the plot points down,and to hammer out the order would only take a day at most. I change orders and writing almost on every page, and if you saw how i write or the method I use, you would thinks I'm nuts.

So what that means is that in March I am expecting to have more time to do this. My goal is to have 100 pages done by the end of the year or earlier so I can make a hard copy book. Now, all my other work that I have to do and keep up on will have an affect on the timing.

Needless to say, I am doing my best to get the pages done, but I will not compromise quality. If you want to wait, I will have it for you. If you are impatient and won't wait for me to do it, then it will still always be here for you when you forgive my lateness. I'm not trying to gather fans here, I am trying to make a statement.

I've saved a good lump of money and I am going to take one to 2 months off of work so I can work on 5C. I've actually cancelled conventions so I can have more time.

5C is going to remain free?

Unlike almost ever other thing many other pros are doing, I will give this to you entirely for free, first, and forever always.

Yes, I am aware I could try to sell this, and make cash. Yes, I have a 100% guarantee that UDON would publish it with some slight edits, but that's not what this book is about. The second i publish it with someone is the second that I cut the balls right off the project so to speak.

This is one reason I will always post it for free here first before any book happens. The other is that this is a gift for you fans, and gifts are free. I can't however afford to print out books and ship them to you, but I can give you the story and art for free. It will always be here and if dA closes, I will find another place. Hardcopy books are nice, but not necessary, and not a driving goal.

Some people might think I'm crazy, and I say that God willing it will be successful not because of cash flow but because of impact. Not having anyone above you means you can do as you please, say as you please, and make broad decisions that fly in the face of making money. Making money causes you to change your idea to make it more acceptable and make everyone or a lot of people happy, among many other things.

I'm already making money through other work, so let's let 5C be true art without money in mind.

So you said there might be a book?:

there is a book it will be after I accumulate 100 pages of story. At least 100 pages, but it would also have a bunch of extra art in it. For the book i will need some help from you guys, but I will raise funds by incentives, commissions, and selling pages. In the book i will have 2 tutorials, and it should be about 140 pages.

First let's get to 100 pages this year and then we will worry about that. Again, the goal is to give you the story, and I don't need a book for that.

I figure only 200 people would buy the book, I'm not expecting anything since I know I'm putting it up for free. It would be more of a collector's edition and way to support the continuing of the story.

Another thing I might do is have a very easy and afforadable BW one for conventions, like for 10 bucks, and all the proceeds of that would go to a 5C fund to "buy" time for me to work on the book.

Why not post this on other comic sites?:

This is where I gained a lot of my popularity, and dA has helped me in so many ways. Sure there are other sites out there, but i want to reach my old fans and new fans. dA doesn't have a bunch of ads, at least if you're a member, is accessible, established, and familiar.

The other thing is that there is no way I am making money on it. Also dA is very open with their content and what you can say. Some of those comics sites are run by people with vested interests and shady intentions. They have too much power to pull the plug if I push it too far, but here  it's more open.

Also, my stuff doesn't fit on there. I like the format of dA, and will stay here as long as I can.

I might have all the pages posted on my own website as well too.

Do yo like Fanart?

I like fan art as long as it is contextual to the story, I don't like when people make the characters do things they would not do. I can't help, I mean I spent months working these characters out in a specific way, so to do it any other way seems wrong. But, hey, you guys are just showing your appreciation! 

I know about rule 34, it's just a matter of time. Not looking forward to that.

In closing:

A huge thank you to you guys, seriously all your in-depth comments and cheering on the characters makes my day and really gives me energy to continue. I am not a writer by trade, I don't think any of my peers or co workers give me any readership, but I'm happy that you guys read is all.

I'm not looking for money, I'm not looking for fame, I don't care if this thing never sells or if millions of people read it. All that matters is that I tried to do this before I die, so I at least have on masterpiece of my life, flawed as it may be, without the taint of money being the goal.

If you guys help me by way of support of reading it, or getting commissions to help me keep working on it (for those who can afford it), then i can keep it going. If I make  lots of money through my other work, I can "buy" time to work on 5th Capsule.

As much as I can , I will do it myself, and pay for it all myself. If I open for commissions, I will say when the money will be used to "buy" time to work on 5C. I'm not asking you for anything other than to read it. I will give you my story and effort for free, but if you want a printed book, i will need help, I can't afford that !

Though if i could, i would give even a book to you for free..

Take care guys, I will finish off my work in the next month and get back on it!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Comments Enabled for 5C

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 24, 2014, 9:04 AM
Comments Enabled:

You know what? I need to stop being such a baby.

I said the main reason that I suspended comments was that I wanted to prevent spoilers, spam, and tr0lls. I think the real reason is that I was too afraid to hear what people have to say about a project I care deeply about.

The fact is that as much as I try to do my best and write something, the fact is there will be people who think is royally sucks, is too slow, not enough boobs, not enough violence , and etc.

5th Capsule is not for everyone, it was never meant to be, and never will be.

This was the main reason why I want it to be free and to be away from publishers, so that I can do as I please and try to give you something different. Most of you now would say that the story is going in a normal fashion, but you don't know what I have planned for later. The fact that I don't have to worry about PG ratings, or PR ratings for that matter, and that i don't have a toy line hinging on it's success, means that I can really make anything happen.

As long as there is someone over your head with cash in hand, you are not in charge.

All I will say is give me 300 pages, and I will entertain you.

The Future of 5C:

Well, it goes without saying that if it's free you're gonna have to wait. I thought about putting it on patreon, or doing a kickstarter, but shipping out stuff is hard, and I kind of shot myself in the foot doing it in BW which will not lend itself  to printing  the way I coloured / shaded it.

I do it in BW since I can do a page in a day. But for future pages, or chapters, I will do a few in colour as a bonus.

So here's what I am planning, what I will do is pay for a month of my time by selling commissions, original pages, and the like. I will have all sorts of options in price from baller status to entry level. 

Kickstarter takes a slice, any site takes a slice. Why do I need them? I can raise money on my own. I mean I do commissions anyways, why not allocate the cash to 5C? I think it's a simple idea that might work.

One day down the line I will consider printing it, but for now it'll be a webcomic. Maybe I can print out super limited editions when I get to 100 pages and put tons of art in it.

If I can come up with 22 pages in a month, 3 times this year, we will have 100 pages.

These are just some thoughts, but as we reach the end, I don't want you guys to feel it's a dead end. But any future pages will be in batches of at least a scene of 3 pages to 10.

Thanks for your support! This is my gift to you all, it's free, so enjoy it! I will make some more colour stuff for it, but i think it will stay BW, it's charming in a way, and attainable and maintainable. 

If you haven't read my story 5th Capsule go here! :

5c - 00 by Omar-Dogan

I really do thank you guys and I hope I have been of some use to you.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Follow me on Tumblr!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 13, 2014, 2:34 PM

Thats right, go there. I'm not sure how it works, but I'll find out and I like how simple it is.

There's a massive 2000pi Juri waiting for you there too!

I really do thank you guys and I hope I have been of some use to you.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Is it just me, or

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 13, 2014, 1:38 PM
Has dA become a totally entirely different  thing than what it was?

Seems like the normal crowd that used to follow me has either moved on to something else, or dissipated altogether. It might be that I haven't really done anything SF related in a while and just Momo stuff for almost 2 years.

If there is a site I should be on, which should it be?

I really do thank you guys and I hope I have been of some use to you.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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2013 Notes / Happy New Year!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 31, 2013, 12:09 PM
2013 some things that I've noted about :

The Real Pros:

I have met some of the best artists in my industry and by and large they were humble and well adjusted people. These folks are the types who are approachable and don't spend time basting in their own glory, and can be spoken to like humans and not pompous self inflated stars.

Unprofessional Pros:

You pros who look down on people just because you think you have a talent that happens to be praiseworthy in this century, keep in mind you still meet death like all of us, you still walk the planet with waste within you like all of us, you can have your talent taken from you in one quick accident. Here but by God's Grace, your talent is not guaranteed for tomorrow, neither is your life nor health, so show some humility, it all can be taken from you in heartbeat. You're an entertainer, and everyone's equally important whether a baker or accountant since we all contribute to society. Having status is a test to show if you're going to be a complete A-hole or humble and thankful.

Self Titled People:

If you're an artist, colourist, writer, or whatever worth mention, people will know about it even without a fancy website, blog, etc. There is no need for you to attempt to lord it over people. Every time you bellow about your accomplishments you make yourself look conceited, self satisfied, and insecure. Get over yourself, your title will come from what others say and means nothing when you brand and elevate yourself. Actions speak louder than words, so shut it and let the work talk.

The Foolish Professor:

Any professor that is too busy praising themselves and their supposed teaching skill is not even fit to be called a student. This is so because at least the student tries to learn and knows they need to learn. A true professor, like a martial arts sensei, should be able to train and spar with his students, accept defeat and deal it, and also continue learning. If you glory in your post as a professor, you've missed the whole point of your responsibility and are an ill placed leader not worth the title.


Increasingly, I am convinced that the best thing you can offer to the world is well raised children. None of your accomplishments in your job or life will be equal to this, and only a parent would be able to understand. In fact, the amount of patience, caring, selflessness especially cannot be reproduced except by having your own children. Caring for other children counts, but you cannot leave your own child and go home and that's the difference. Remember this when you have children and you will see that you only fully become an adult when you have a child that you are 100% responsible for. Before that you are just busying yourself with yourself, your life goals, and maybe your loved one. A child kicks you and your mate firmly out of priority as they have the right to be raised as best as you can raise them.  


Everything from games to movies are here to keep you a child as long as possible and cater to your lusts, desire, and immaturity. Stop watching them so much, and make your own entertainment. We stopped TV  last spring and it was the best thing we did. It doesn't mean not to watch and have frivolity and entertainment, but similarly if you eat dessert all the time you become fat, sick, and slow. People say they watch it for inspiration, but diversify your inputs. Go for a walk and use your eyes, the world is full of entertainment.


Whether your male of female, learn how to fix things. I started this year to stop being such a chicken and do it myself. The fact is that will Youtube, you can learn so many things, and if you take your time you will do simple jobs much better and with much more care than hired help. You keep all the tools you have to buy, save a boat load on labour, and learn something. I wish I would have done it earlier.


Many people would call me an artist and i take that appellage only because it best explains my career. But I also am a father, which I take very seriously, I study geography, languages, botany, meteorology, astronomy, cars, and many other things. Try to learn other things and be as diverse a human as you can be. If you only focus on one thing you will get stuck in a comfort zone and become myopic.

The Mother:

This is the most underrated role/career that has the most effect on society as a whole. Many problems can be traced back to this. Placing your kid in front of a TV is not parenting, and as much as possible, especially the first few years, your child needs the mother the most. It is not a role that can be done in the same way by anyone other than her, and it will have an effect. 2 parents working to survive is one thing, but when you have a choice to stay with your child and you don't so you can drive a nicer car, you're gambling with your children. Take away the beauty and dignity of the mother and watch the community go to straight to the gutter.


There's a lot of misunderstanding in this word: You doing whatever your heart desires is not freedom, it's slavery to yourself. That's called vice. Mastery over your weaknesses, desires, and covetousness is true freedom, and how you really become successful.

I had a few other things in mind, but I'll leave it at that. I'm entitled to my views, and you can take them or leave them as it is, I won't enter into debate.

5th Capsule

I'm going to go ahead with 5C without any care at all if it sells well, but I will need help to do so. I am going to continue the pages here on dA till about 42, and then move it to patreon. There I will have incentives and other things that ic an reward my viewers with! I will do further edits and fixes before reposting the entire 45 pages there in one go. They will always be free, 2 comics worth! After that, i will need some help to keep it going, but the installment will be 8 - 10 pages chapters per month. Once I reach 200 pages i will do a hardcopy book. I might do some pages in colour, but mostly it will stay BW.

Go here to read it from the beginning!…

Your Comments:

I appreciate your comments, and i am taking note of all the critiques you give as well! There seem to be about 150 - 200 people reading 5C on average which is great!

So i wish you guys the best in 2014, I will let you know which cons if any I am attending!

I really do thank you guys and I hope I have been of some use to you.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 24, 2013, 1:09 PM
So first off, to those who celebrate; Happy Holidays!

Secondly, i want to thank all of you for your support of 5th Capsule and my more recent stuff I've been posting. I wish there was a thumbs up option on the comments to show you i have read what you said.

dA is weird now since many things that used to catch 20k hits right off the bat now, hardly hit 10. I think they have jigged up the formula a bit.

I have to get back to work, but I most likely will be opening up for commissions this spring with only a few slots. I will try to come up with some new options so that there are more entry level options and hi pro options alike. All traditional , no digital.

I hope you guys drive safe and have fun, I will keep on posting 5th Capsule. We're getting closer to the end of the first half of the first story arc, after which, if it doesn;t have support and I don't have time because of work, might stop! But we will see!

I really do thank you guys and I hope I have been of some use to you.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Putting 5th Capsule on Patreon?

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 20, 2013, 12:19 PM
Well, I set up Patreon site with the intent to put 5C on it. If and when my term on Momo stops, I will give it a shot. I'm still debating just starting it and let it be free on the patreon site which you can do, and then when I am ready to proceed with it to open it for funding. Why I'm doing this is so that i don't look for a pledge when I cannot deliver on it. If Momo is done, or there is a break where I have time to breathe, I'll give it a try.

I kept my patreon site private for now until i work out all the incentives and whatnot. Also I want your opinion as well to make sure I make an informed decision! I think dA has something to offer insofar as publicity, but the Patreon site seems like the logical progression once the 42 free pages are done.


I really do thank you guys and I hope I have been of some use to you.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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I'm 37 today, and am very happy about it! I'm going to have a MLP B Day cake tonight. I'll snap pics and post it on my FB so you can see! Go here to see stuff that I don't post on dA! Go here!…

A lot of things got accomplished this year. I want to say thank you for all your well wishing! Let's get 5C up to 100 pages, and maybe make a tutorial book on everything from marker rendering to digital, to inking!

Take care guys!

A whole comic for free, and Girl 8?

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 11, 2013, 8:38 AM

23 pages of 5C for free!

5c - 00 by Omar-Dogan

Well, at least as far as NA standards go, 22-24 pages is a full floppy comic book. I gave you a free glimpse at 5C, and I have another 20 or so pages for you as well!

For a BW comic, i'm happy that it is getting any attention at all. I know that i'm more known for SF stuff, but this is the type of story i've always wanted to write and illustrate. I'll say that the next  pages are a bit more quick with less informational content and more character drama. Increasingly, the characters own stories start to diverge a bit.

It should be said though that 5C was not meant to be a web comic, it's mean to be read in one shot, at least the first story arc so that you can see the flow of it better. I think if you go back and read it from the beginning  to page 23 that i posted today you will get a much different feel than when you were waiting for it  every 2 days or so.

As for me, right now i'm cranking away on Momo and trying to wrap it all up by january. If it gets renewed, then that's also something i'll have to consider. On top of this i'm still renovating and trying to sell my home in the summer. The only real way i'd be able to continue 5C is if my work load lessens so i can build up more pages.

I'll probably move the story to Patreon after the last page of this 42 or so page stretch.


I'm actually considering if it's possible to do another Girl 7 book, this time , with more group art, a story of sorts, and 3 - 5 in depth tutorials on different styles. The book would not be so much a trip to the uncanny valley, but much more varied like the old SF tribute books. What do you think?

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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