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Update for September

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 26, 2014, 8:07 AM
Sorry guys, my stomach has been really off over the last 30 hours and has kept me in bed. Other than going to get maintainence on my car, I wasn't able to work or get back to the studio to post pages. I'm feeling a bit better now, and I have to go to the bank and pay some bills etc, I will go to the office and post some new stuff!

In another very intersting note, it was last year Labour Day when I started working on 5C and now a year later I'm at page 100! Almost to the day since I'll be back at work on Monday, which is Labour Day! SO I guess this sickness was to delay it hahaha! I am almost finished colouring page 99 which I will post today on Patreon along with page 98.

You guys will get page 78 today as well. Patreon folks are 20 pages ahead in colour at a very intersting part of the story conflict wise!

5th Capsule hardcopy Book / 120+ pages planned:

After this part is done I will go back and revise various aspects of the story pages and fix mistakes before I make it into a book.

For all of you that want a book in your hands, I am working towards it, and what to have it done by November 2014. That's right, a small book in colour that I can mail out to you guys easily. No ads in it, just straight from my hands to yours. No Amazon, no middle man, after paying the for a few stamps 100% of your payment goes to 5th Capsule and the continuing of it! I hope to be stuffing a lot of envelopes this winter.

The book size will be trade paper back size, or like a 8.5 x 11 page folded in half, itll have have the colour pages included with the original BW art along with some extras. Soft cover. Price point will be 20USD, for over 120 pages, which I think is very reasonable. Patreon folks who gave for more than 20 pages will get it for free either shipped with their commissions, or shipped seperately for the <$5/page Patrons.

A large book of over 400 pages is the longterm goal, with UDON if they'll do it.

After the first story arc (109 pages), I'm going to do a short 10 page story that will be exclusive to Patreon, after which I will continue with the Gradius story line. That might be included in the book as well.

Commissions / Pages for sale:

Commissions might be possibilty in December I'm thinking, but again 5C Patrons have priority, however you're always more than welcome to ask about pages and covers for sale as well. The make a great gift and look very nice framed.

Go to my Facebook Artist page to see items I post for sale that I do not post here! '…

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Huge Renovations

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 4:46 PM
So I have been away for a bit and it is due to the fact that I am trying very hard to completely renovate my washroom, kitchen and and lay tiles. I have been at it for the last 3 days straight and started after coming back form dropping my family in NJ for a bit. This way I could close down the kitchen and work.

I've torn out the washroom, repainted almost all the room, cleaned out the old tiles with a drill hammer, and am about 50% done.

I haven't been able to get anything done obviously, and I havent been back to the studio since where all my art and stuff is. I only have the next two weeks to get everything done, so it has taken priority!

I hope to be back at next week, so plese accept my appolgies!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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More 5c on the way!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 8:51 PM
I just had to take a day off for Eid as Ramadan is over!

Also I am just updating my comp, but I will post something tomorrow!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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The good ol' days

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 15, 2014, 11:04 PM
I remember a time when I would come on here routinely and vent all my feelings for no other reason than just that.

I think part of the reason I felt the need to do that here is because in my mind, you liking my art means potentially you like me as a person. This is not necessarily the case, but maybe in some instances it is.

Since a while back when all of us UDON folks went off to our own places away from a centralized studio, I've started to feel a sort of distance from the scene and my cohorts. As time went on, I got married and now have two kids, while manyof my coworkers don't and that is not a chastisement.

However, having a family of your own is a full time thing and one that needs constant communication and planning to get the most of. Many things that seem so unclear manifest themselves only well after the point, and all in all its a learning game that never stops.

Because of a number of factors, I also just turned off all external media out of sheer disinterest. I never watched tv and it has been turned off in our home for over one year. I want to throw it out, its and old CRT Trinitron. I stopped reading any manga or books, stopped playing any video games, and I don't have an interest in movies.

I said to myself, be the one to make the story and entertainment, not imbibe it. And as a result you have 5C.

What this means is that many a time I have nothing at all in common to talk to my cohorts about, since most of what they'll talk about is entertainment. I am concerned about my kids and my marriage and those are distant issues they don't care to relate to or can't even if they wanted to. I am not laying judgement, but I assure you it is a fact many folks nowadays go sailing into their thirties with no desire for marriage or kids whatsoever. That's their choice and I respect it.

But obviously, this creates a rift. I've been dubbed responsible, and I actually heard things like " you have kids? But you're a young guy!" when I was 32. It's lifestyle choice, and everyone is allowed to choice what they like and reap the rewards and consequences alike.

Now this is where you guys come in.

When you guys comment on my art, especially on 5th Capsule, I really get a lot of support. I mean, I look forward to your comments. My day is basically in complete silence, I just work and am left with my thoughts, I get home and spend time with my family, but again none of the things I love can be discussed with ease or understanding, and I am talking about art. My wife isn't an artist, and we talk mostly about family stuff and other things.

I've made my decisions on life and have no regrets, though it has left me a bit of an oddball in the industry in a way. I have no close friends that I talk to on the norm as we no longer have anything in common and my time is so limited and they live far away, but having you guys comment and interact really makes my day.

It really does help me a lot. You may see yourselves as fans, but a good deal of you I consider friends because you actually care what I'm doing, how I'm progressing, and my striving.

So here's to you guys, I appreciate you and hope all of you have great things in your life whatever you chose and that I can at the very least provide you with decent entertainment!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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5C to resume Monday July 14th

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 8, 2014, 12:11 AM

5th Capsule for you!

As the title states, I will begin to post 5th Capsule again on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays in BW!

Through the generous support of my Patrons, I have been able to keep working on the book. I just finished page 82 today, and the Patrons are on page 77! So far they have been enjoying it immensely!

On Patron you get the pages double sized and in full colour which you can print out with ease.

Consider joining to help me keep it going as I get nothing from UDON or any other sources

100 page BW 5th Capsule book!

I am looking into making a simple, just story, very basic but good quality 100 page 5C book. It's be soft cover and about the size of a trade paperback. I want to try and make this as affordable as possible, while still covering printing costs.

It won't be on Amazon, so Ill have to mail it out myself, or sell it at conventions next year. I want it to fit into a normal full sized envelope to facilitate easy and cheaper mailing than say with commissions.

I have to look into it, but I am very close to finishing the first 100 pages and want to get something out there for you guys. I realize that holding a book in your hands is much more satiating then seeing it here online.

In order to raise funds to keep the book going, I will offer it with a head sketch inside, and try to keep it affordable. The print run might be limited, but I am aiming to have something by autumn.

Usually at a con a head sketch is 20 bucks,  20 bucks should cover printing, and 10 for shipping and paypal fees, so lets say around 50 bucks signed w/ head sketch and delivered to your door. That price could change, but that is the number I'm thinking. Maybe Ill through in an exclusive side story of 5 pages in there too to make it rare. Keep in mind it will be fully reedited as well for easier reading.

Later on, when I get all of Gradius's story done, I have other side stories planned.  Ideas I had were how GG and Jess met, how Grad and Izan met, and other stuff too. I also want to get to the history of the capsules, but one thing at a time. A lot more politics and worldly issue with find their way into the story soon enough.

Grads story is about 300 - 400 pages. I want to do one of his uncle as well when he was Grads age, how he got married and moved up north etc races cars, etc.

Some loud thinking, but I want to make it happen!


Maybe I'll open for commissions in August, but I plan on also selling a bunch of Ibuki and SF pages for cheap to fund 5C!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Convenient Download of 5C!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 30, 2014, 8:39 AM
I thought you guys might like this, instead of having to save each and every page, why not go here and download 1 RAR file of all the pages!

Thanks again for reading it, and I will start it up for you again on July 15th at a rate of 3 pages per week! Currently I am on page 79 and am motoring on with the support of my Patrons. Without them this project would have had to stop.

I will try to post more things as we get closer to the posting date of 5th Capsule.

Take care guys, back to work for me!

Go here for the nice and easy 60+ page free download of 5th capsule!…

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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The next 5th capsule pages will be up on Friday!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 9, 2014, 4:33 PM
If you're impatient for 5th Capsule, then come on over to Patreon to get a dosage of new pages, It will be posted three times a week in full glorious colour!

Go here to support it! This way i don't have to stop working on it and can keep going! Thank you so much to all the supporters! Page 68 will go up on Friday! I just finished page 69 today as well.

Once a month has elapsed i will post BW pages twice a week, but rmember on patreon you get it three times a week!

Please consider it, you won't regret it!


Now that that's aside, what would you guys like me to post more of?

I've got tons of Ibuki Pages.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Thank you! What's next for 5th Capsule?

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 5, 2014, 9:27 PM
Well I must say I was sincerely preparing myself for the fail of a century, but the complete opposite in my mind happened!

Many of my familiar old fans have come out with their hearts and contributed to this story. I give you my sincerest thank you and promise to increase the quality, shower you with extras, make sure your commissions for those big pledgers are super legit.

We all owe these pledgers and the future ones a huge thank you since I can not do anything without them!

5th Capsule on DeviantART:

As for it 5th Capsule being free, it still is! It will remain in its charming sepia tone and size for dA, and be completely free. I am figuring to reward the pledgers for helping me, there will be a 20 - 25 page delay to what is shown on dA. I am still in meeting with my staff, but I think that is pretty fair.  That basically is about a month an a half.

But once that delay is done, as long as I can keep it funded, the stream of pages will continue for you as well! So just a short delay if you don't want to pay for it, but it will come back in higher quality and you will get some of the bonus stuff later on as well albeit in lower res.

I have to reward my pledgers and membership has it's privileges.

What's the goal?:

The goal of the fund raising is to have enough to make the story which is about 400 pages, and consequently make a kick ass art book. There is zero help from UDON or anywhere else, its all you guys, and whatever I have put in.

What if it goes super huge?:

I have the option to make pages free for my pledgers, so if things go really explosively well I can make it cheaper as we go. Then there might really be a chance to have 15 pages a month for 1 dollar, but I need a whole heap of people for that. I have to crunch some numbers, but I am conscious of that point and will work to it.

Basically how Patreon works is that I can post things for the public, for patrons for free. SO all the extra  bonus art for them is free, but only able to be seen my patrons. The only thing that gets charged is actual story to a maximum of 15 a month. That means if I had a massive amount of people, I can reduce the price by only charging for 7 of the 15 pages per month, making it like 48c / page.

So it's flexible.

Will you still do Street Fighter stuff?:

I am still working for UDON and I have some light jobs on the way, that is all I can say. I will be more diligent in posting some of my old Ibuki stuff, while I get caught up on 5C.

So commissions are only for your elite pledgers of 5C now?:

Not entirely, but I am going to be very busy to make sure I get 15 pages done, and 5 extra to stay ahead of the game. The large pledgers do have the right of way for commissions and get a new one every 50 pages they pay for , 5C character or not! (50 pages pledged @ $10/page or equiv to $500 pledged)

If I can I will open up for them and I have much more affordable options I'm considering as well, but again 5C comes first.


I know that money doesn't grow on trees for me or for you. This is my career and how I feed my family, I would never expect you to do your job for free even if you were a close friend.

Still, I will give something back to the community that helped me grow in many ways, and once I get ahead in pages again, I will post them here for you for free in the very familiar sepia tones we all know and love!

You will not miss any part of the story in the least, the pledgers just get it earlier, larger and in colour.

If you want to have the same deal the Pledgers do, just go here and help make 5C a continuing story! :

I thank you all for reading it, and I tried to respond to all your comments as best as I can, and quite beating up on Gradius!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Calling all Legit 5th Capsule Fans!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 5, 2014, 8:57 AM

First, I want to say thank you for reading 5th Capsule. Seeing new people watch the series by faving the pages is a big delight for me.

I did all of this on my own money, UDON didn't pay one cent for it. I've given you 3 comic books worth of content for free. I want to continue as I have much more story to tell, but I have reached the end of my funds.

The question is:

Is my work worth one dollar a page to you?

Like I said no one else is supporting this except you guys. So I'm shifting this project to Patreon.

If I've entertained you with something different than many things out there like I promised, and you see the quality inproving page by page, will, those of you who can, help me out? I plan on a maximum of 15 pages a month and if I can count on you guys I will give you these following perks below!:


Plan 1 : $1 dollar pledge per page of new full colour 5th Capsule Pages:

I love 5th Capsule and want it to continue in COLOUR!:

If you help me out buy pledging even just 1 buck per new colour comic page, you'll get:

1) Full Colour!: Any coloured pages exclusively for you Patreon folks!
2) Improved Quality!: High res files of all the pages only for you! (2000pi tall) you can print that!
3) Earlier Release!: You will see the art months and months ahead of the public!
4) Exclusive Art!: Occasional colour pin ups, desktop images, and more for free only for Patreon folks!
5) Maps and Geeky Stuff!: Extra maps with full explanation and in full size for free!

I've given you over 65 pages free to enjoy! That's 3 comic books worth! If you enjoyed it, isn't it worth supporting?

Plan 2 : $10 dollar pledge per page of new full colour 5th Capsule Pages:

I love 5th Capsule and want it to continue in COLOUR! (Executive Super Fan): 10 spots only!

If you help me out buy pledging an incredibly generous 10 bucks per page, you'll get everything in the $1/page plan and:

1) Full Coloured Commission!: For every 50 new pages you support, you get a free marker rendered commission of anything you like , 5C, SF, Personna, etc! If it's a 5C commission, it will also go into any future 5C artbook!
2) Art Prints!: Any art prints I have from SF to Girl7 with be included in with your commission!
3) Influence!: Will let you help name characters, places, that affect the story! You might appear in it as well!
4) Original Pages!: You will be the only people allowed to buy original pages! (All 5C line art is on paper!)
5) Credit!: Mentioned in any upcoming art book by name as an integral person to the project!

If you usually get a commission from me each year, this is the plan for you! You still get your commission, but also you're helping me!


Eventually I will post 5C here again in BW, smaller res, and much later. But all colour, extra art, extra maps, influence to the story, and other perks will be for those who will help me make it happen and I think that that is super fair.

So instead of an expensive commission, which I still might do if this doesn't work, why not help me out this way? Even if I get 100 pages done in the next year, its still less than you'd pay for a coffee each day.

Is 5th Capsule worth even one dollar to you?

If you answered YES!, then let's do it! Go to the link below!

here is a sample of a colour page!

5th Capsule - page 67 by Omar-Dogan

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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5C in colour? Also page 64, with 65 and 66 coming!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 2, 2014, 3:13 PM
Ok punks,

Tell which page and panel you would like to see coloured!

I will review all suggestions, and then pic 3 to do.

This is not trivial and I am doing it for a reason!


And if you missed it here is page 64. dA was giving me a huge hassle today.

5th Capsule -- page 64 by Omar-Dogan

Tomorrow page 65!

One more time I'll post this .

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Livestream attempt

Journal Entry: Thu May 29, 2014, 2:52 PM
Could be a horrible fail, but give it alook! live now…

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Portrait Video Tutorial

Journal Entry: Thu May 29, 2014, 6:13 AM
Here's an old video tutorial I did for my students way back when!

Like it and share it as you will! Try the assignment if you like!

If this does well I will consider making some new ones!

Episode one: 

Episode two:

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Back from Japan!

Journal Entry: Wed May 21, 2014, 6:37 AM
I usually don't vacation very well since I love my work. As much as I enjoyed the time there and the new things I saw, I missed work dearly, especially 5C.

Japan feels so familiar to me that it doesn't have the allure of a mysterious country yet it's still quite enjoyable! I went to Akihabara and got a cheap model in a second hand shop of a Toyota Hiace, and also got some Deleter paper for me to work on new pages with since its so cheap there.

In the next few days i will find out the next batch of work for me to work on. I have exhausted my funds and will start to work on paying work. This means 5C will be a on a bit of a hold which is not news to any of you.

Depending on the work load, I will open for commissions in the next month or so. Hopefully, i can save up enough to work on another 15 - 20 pages. I don't like the idea of switching between normal work and 5C since once I get in the mode, things become very clear.

I have been receiving a lot of compliments on the pacing and writing within the story and i find that truly flattering since none of my coworkers read or acknowledge me as one! If they saw how I actually piece this thing together and write it, they would cringe. I don't care too much about the professionals appreciating my work as much as you the fans liking it. If 5C goes completely under the radar or blows up, either way it will be written the way we like it.

I have a bunch of ideas that i had while I was in Japan, it seems every time i am forced to stop working on it, i end up seeing a lot of new things that widen my horizons and add to the story. After this post, i will start another few pages and review what i have plotted out of the next few pages.

I actually had a dream that I came across about 10 5C pages, was very interesting and gave me some new ideas!

I will get on it now, and will continue adding to the map as well! If your name isn't on there here's you second chance!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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4 pages today?

Journal Entry: Thu May 1, 2014, 6:19 AM
I'll be away for a little bit, and I won't be always able to upload at the same time as I usually do so I was considering putting the remaining pages up today.

It should be said that the next part of the story after these four pages will have more to do with non GG and Gradius issues lol. I just don't want to leave you hanging, and, once I return back home, I will have to start up on normal work again as I have exhausted my stored up money to work on this project.

With the new work I'll be doing I will still try to get some more pages done as I want to have at least 100 pages this year. I might open for commissions in the summer and as  special note, i do have a plan to print that map out in full poster size for next year once I have filled it with all your names!

If you didn't get in on the action before, put your name below and I will get it in there some how.

This story is in no way being abandonned, but without money to feed the family I have to work on normal stuff. Understand I have taken 2 full months off of work with no pay which is a huge investment! A lot of other factors came into play hindering the finishing of more pages, but that's the way it goes.

I promised my family a vacation years back, and have neglected it, so now things have worked out where we can go to Japan for a few weeks since we have family there. Also once I get back I have to finish renovating and then we have to search for a home.

Imight go to San Diego, but it's in Ramadan, so i want to stay close to home.

So again, thank you thank you thank you, for your support, it means a lot to me, and i promise I will try not to make this thing typical and predictable. I read your comments very carefully, and will take them into consideration  for the next batch of pages I draw.

The whole story is not a love triangle, but it makes things exciting so i spent some time on it. After these four pages we will open up some new possibilities and get some closure on other issues as well.

This 4 pages in one day is only because I am leaving to Japan tomorrow and I know I will neglect the internet while there.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Maps galore.

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 29, 2014, 6:54 PM
I worked about 2 days on the map of Kalmen. Still not done.

The next part of the story demands more detail in certain areas, so I had to make sure I got it right so I can reference it. I made this  country and I want to explore it!

I have created these maps : Elevation maps , summer and winter high temps, plant hardiness zones (USDA equiv) , precip maps, and biome maps.

The map is over 4000 pi tall and all these items are named: countries, provinces, capital cities, minor cities, districts, rest stops, mountains, lakes, seas, oceans. Also included are lines of latitude and longitude and map scale of course.

I used almost all of your names mostly for the micro cities you see along the way every 50 km on the Super Hwys. If the names weren't English sounding enough, I anglicised them so that they would fit into the Kalmen. I think I just about got everyone too!

SO much work, figuring out fonts and making sure it is spic and span. I will try to have it done tomorrow, but with these maps I can tell you everything from elevation, to yearly average rainfall of your service stop.

I have to write up all the city averages and whatnot, so that I have it all ironed out. I will do the main cities first, but I want eventually to have all the stops too.

Also another page tomorrow too! If I can I will post the  large map of all the names.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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I will have more pages for you soon.

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 28, 2014, 5:20 AM
I just have to step out away from the studio today, but I'll give you it tonight!

I will also have the map this week if I can . Ill make sure to have as many of the names as possible! Even the late comers but I will go in order! Some of the regular readers that were late who always leave comments I will make sure to add!

While its a big map, it doesn't mean of course that all the place will show up in the story, but when I amek a poster size map it will show up@!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Want a landmark in 5C?

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 25, 2014, 1:19 PM
I'm currently making a massive high detail map of Kalmen which i will make public later and I need names!

I want to reward all those who read it, so if you want your name as a lake, river, sea, or mountain leave your name below! I will make a variation of it to match 5C! So say what you want, lake mountain etc.

The first names get the biggest mountains and seas !


Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Your feelings.

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 10, 2014, 4:29 PM
I just gotta say I love how some of you are getting into the story of 5C and really digging into it with commentary and analysis.

You won't be disappoint, I promise. Just wait till pages 57 - 62 lol.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Question about world creating:

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 7:14 PM
NicaRox2006 asks:

Hello Mr. Omar, I've been reading your 5c comic and have been a huge fan. I've got a few questions:

How did you build the world? The names of the places, the maps, the social classes, technology etc. It's so very genius! I personally am trying to make my own story/comic, and seeing your comic just inspires me tremendously.

Well this is a tricky question in a way, but I will try to answer it briefly:

Every action should have purpose.

With this thought in mind I created the world for 5th Capsule. I intended it to be a very similar place to our world so that I could play off the familiar things the people already knew. I did this so that people would focus on the characters and not the events of two worlds colliding or anything bigger than that. There are special effects in movies and a similar type thing in illustrated novels.

If I make a world that is totally different then what you know, you will be too busy learning all of the jargon and ways of that world. I knew my audience is mostly western orientated, so it was purpose built for them. I only included very slight changes to give it an eerie feel that while its similar, it is not earth.

Many of the stores/shops you will see are a rip on many of the things that are familiar here. Much in the same way Vice City and GTA games has familiar looking rips of BMWs and Corvettes etc in there.

The world we live on is what we know:

I love weather, ever since I was a child, in fact. I love to study how weather works,  seasons, climate zones and all that sort of stuff. Especially maps.

I made the planet their on, Ord, the same size as earth. It is part of a binary system in which the moon is tidally locked like our own moon. So that the tides are not to catastrophic on both the planets, I would place them far enough apart that the sister planet would appear the same size in the sky as our moon. This would also make eclipses not as severe as well. Again, I don't want these things to out shadow the characters or to have unnecessary attention put on them. They should be as normal for the characters  as they are for us. This is a story about people.

With this in mind I played with simple layouts of seasons and climate so that each of the 4 capsules would have its own biome. being that the capsules have been isolated fomr each other for centuries, they had to adapt to their climate and thus have evolved with intrinsic climatic traits in their clothing and vehicles etc.

The area that their continents span is not larger than the eastern US , say from Cuba to Quebec, yet with in that space there are quite a few different climates. Again the goal was to keep it simple and believable so that  you focus on the characters.

The other reason I did this is so that I could use all the things I learned about climates, weather, and geography and topography. The map making was based off of google maps and I have many more maps than what I have shown, summer temps, winter temps, precip, prevalent winds etc. 

I did this so that I knew that each capsule would have different trees and fauna and that they are distinct.

Basically its like this:

Ontam / Tropical: Similar to Florida south, but drier and less humid.
Yuz Golleri / Sub Tropical / Temperate: Similar to Washington DC.
Grunnanhang / Temperate: Similar to Toronto
Astralado / Arid Continental : Something like Bakersfield CA, or Reading.

Cars, tech, etc.

I love drawing cars, and I like specific cars. So rather than making up thousands of cars no one know, I used what we had here. Billions of dollars are put into the design of cars, and they have a different appeal to different people. SO a Corolla to some is a very basic A to B car that gets the job done, and for some it is the bitch that hogs the left lane which is for passing. I play off these things.

I split it into four categories.:

North American cars = Iskend
Japanese cars = Kalmen
German cars = Nordland
Italian cars = Halcon

As for the tech, I know most of my friends and fans use things like whatsapp, facebook, and all the other sms's. I knew therefore that I had to have all that technology to keep it relatable. As a result you will see these things come into play a lot.

Science and politics.

So much time went into the making of the water science. Many restless nights trying to work out all the plot holes as best as I could. I invented all sorts of laws to the water, and basically made it so that it forced people to stay in their areas.

This allowed me to work politics into it. What happens if the capsule range overlaps, what happens in instances like Starram where two countries own it sort of. Those things cause war, economic trade, and vested interests play themselves out . To me that is much more how the world works than good and bad countries, axis of evil, and nonsense like that.

And even still, is that really what  people aged 20 - 24 are talking about? Not so much, more interesting is the social element, he said she said, and that sort of stuff. So I have a whole history to things, but I have it on the periphery. It will come into play when necessary, but again the focus is on the characters.

Names of places:

I am half Turkish, half German, and I speak English. From that I have three languages to make names from. Many of my fans are loco huevoes, so I picked Spanish as the fourth.

Kalmen : English
Iskend : Turkish
Nordland : German
Halcon : Spanish.

Many of the names are simple  terms describing the place.

Astralado =
Sumerkezi = Water Centre
Yuz Golleri = Many Lakes
Karyamak = It's snowing ( they get a lot of snow)

SO you can see how the climate affects the names of the places. It's all intertwined, and you can make stories for each city since they are different.

As for Ontam is a combination of Ontario and Hamilton. Tocar is Tokyo and Cairo. Many other names are from streets in my area, like Eglinton etc.

In summation  :

The fact is that I didn't really create anything new, just took what was around me and used it differently. I did make sure that I knew the world first before I really started writing. What I have made is basically in stone and all development is complete. I know the distances, the culture, and weather like it's infront of me. It feels like a real place because it's based off of real things.

Hope that answers the question!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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5C to restart today! 3 a week.

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 5:05 AM
So I decided that i will  post the next batch of 10 pages at 3 a week like it's been. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Right now I have page 60 to be drawn and shaded.

12 pages is not impressive to me at all for the duration of time, but i have a lot of personal and family pressures right now that demand attention. I went to NJ for two weeks and ended up getting sick there which postponed the return which cost me time. Renovation, and Dad had a stroke as well so I visit him every two days since he's paralyzed. It's about 40 km away, so it takes time as well since visiting hours are in the day only. I have a lot on my plate right now, needless to say.

I only mention that to excuse my slow progress. I wanted to have  double the pages done, not only 12. I will continue to work throughout April on the book and hopefully get to 20 pages, or at least page 70. I took all of your comments and suggestions and right now I am just taking a final look at the pages before i post the first three of the new batch this week.

5C pages 49 - 60:

To summarize, the next part of the book has more story and some more risk taking. I'm taking my time in this story and am in no rush. I enjoy working on it so much and really wonder how I will work on other stuff past this point.

Will Commissions open?:

After this batch of pages are up, say till page 70, I will do a commission run and see if I can buy another month to work on it. I want 100 pages this fall, and to make a book so that next year I can have something for the conventions. I might open for commissions in June and will have a wider range of options starting at 225USD shipping incl for original art and tons of prints.

Ill have more details, and for the folks who donate/commission me for over 1000 USD/CAD they will have something in the book named after them (Like a company, street, city, mayor), or their likeness appear etc.  I will have more details as to incentives and the commissions need not be 5C related.

Any 5C commissions will go in the book I intend to make.

Is 5th Capsule still free?:

5th capsule as an online story will always be free before any book is released. I said this is a gift, you don't have to buy anything if you don't want. As much as I can, I will work on it because I love it. The book and any merch is only to buy time to work on it, but the story will always be free right here on the largest art community web site. If dA ever closes, I will still offer it somewhere online for free, easily found, and accessible .

I only ask you to read it is all.

Your comments:

Your comments matter, I derive a lot of motivation from them and your insights. If the question you ask is answered in the story, I will not answer the comment, or if it will be a spoiler I will say so.

So just sit back, I am almost done my round of edits and then i will post something before noon!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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