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December 2, 2009


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Journal Entry: Wed Dec 2, 2009, 1:12 PM
I can't but help let out a relieved sigh everytime I get back over the border in Canada. The crossing guards going either way have never given me any problems ever, and i haven't been arrested in the states, almost, but not. Man, I am a person of routine and boy do i miss it when it is out of my control.

I would like to thank George Vega for  coming out to see me , lol one person! Well, not to worry, next time I will give more notice, but he defenitely got the best of me for the three hours. So as far as i am concerned I acheived what i set out to do which was help someone or give useful art advice. So thanks again George for the coffee, and Montclair NJ is a nice little town.

I want to do one of these in Square One since it is easier for me, and things have calmed down quite a bit now that the holiday season is over for me at least for a while.

I am working on something right now, and I will have a big announcement coming up soon as well so stay tuned.

I really do thank you guys and I hope I have been of some use to you.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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  • Mood: Welcoming
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mynando Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
Sorry, I couldn't go (currently living in Egypt) but I might be moving to NJ next year, God-willing, and I would love to attend a future get-together w/ you and other artists and fans.
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2009  Professional General Artist
i want to meet up with as many of my fans as possible.
dadarkness79 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2009
Square one? I'm there! Just tell me when...
pspblacklagoon Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009
glad you had a good time in NJ
welcome back
626elemental Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009
Glad to see you got back safe and sound. Security is nasty... they've never given me problems, but I know people who've had issues going from Canada to the US.
melaniehitomi Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm actually out of Canada right now.. I'm living in England and staying for a few years and can't wait to put my feet back in Canada after that! yeah England is nice! and I love it! just being close to home and.. snow! hehe
Ruisufueripe Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009  Student Digital Artist
What a luck guy, meet you alone. If it were me, would ask questions to the mouth dry out. xD
(praying for one day, i go to Canada/you come to Brazil)
Crashtefano Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009
Welcome back
Teakster Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009  Professional General Artist
One person....I bet you a few got lost along the way! :D
ajha100 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009
Getting back home is always so satisfying! Glad you had a nice trip, and if you ever come out to the Phoenix, AZ area, there's at least one deviant who will jump at the chance to pick your brain! :laughing:
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