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Submitted on
January 24, 2008


4oo oo Hits!</U>

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for your support for over a year!

I will start taking Commissions as of February 2008. People are already in line, so reserve your spot!  What a response! I have been updating the terms as I get input and advice.

Since the US and Canadian dollar are at par, I will accept either. All prices listed until further notice are in both CAD and USD.

I have all the people in order they have noted me, however when pay is received I will start.

I have also added a section dealing with Commercial Commissions, I want to make sure I have all the bases covered!



These pieces of art are only for  personal collections, they cannot be reprinted or used for cover purposes, box art, poster prints, or anything of commercial nature or sale. All characters are copyrighted their respective owners and I claim no responsibility on the right/license of use.  The commissioner shall be responsible for that if the picture is used for other than personal collection, as in commercial usage/sale etc. (For COMMERCIAL COMMISSIONS see below)

The comissioner will notify me before printing of any art, and must give me credit for any art I have done where ever he might post it.

I will limit it to 1 - 3  during the month depending on how  I feel and who has actually paid. Whoever pays first however, obviously get the art started first.

All art is on authentic crisp thick white UDON comic board, 43cm X 28cm ( 11' X 17' ) , signed and scanned at high res as well. You would also get the rough images if there were any as well a layered PSD file if you so desire.



1. Basic - Con Sketch ( 1 full character w/no BG, done in pencil and / or inks, somewhat clean with light pencil rendering)  $100 CAD/USD  +   

Like this: :thumb63494632:


2. Intermediate - Clean Line ( 1 full character w/no BG, done in pencil and / or inks @ cover quality )   $250 CAD/USD +  

Like this: :thumb57052438:  or this:


3. High Pro - Clean  Coloured  ( 1 full character w/no BG, in full colour @ cover quality )   $500 CAD/USD +  

Like this: Cammy Alt Colour by Omar-Dogan or this: Karin Coloured by Omar-Dogan



As you add BG's, characters, details, obviously it becomes more expensive. If I have to design your character from a description, that will factor into the price as well. I am ok with revisions here and there on the 'Intermediate' and 'High Pro' and I will show you the progress as I go, so that I only move forward with your approval. For the 'Con sketch' there are no revisions.  

Payment Methods:</i>

Canadian Dollar and US Dollar are accepted at par.

Payment is by "MONEY ORDER" or "WESTERN UNION" only, or if you live in the Toronto area cash is fine. Make sure the money order can be cashed in Canada, your bank will have these. Western Union is fine too, but I think Money orders are cheaper but not faster. These methods are the safest for you and me.

No cheques, no paypal, no dice. If you aren't paying in CAD or USD you can find the conversion here : but make sure whatever comes out on my side will be equivilant to Canadian Dollars.

Shipping: </i>

All shipping is on top of the price, or you can pick it up at one of the cons i go to as well, like SDCC, AX, Otakon etc.  An example, to ship a 50cm x 35cm  x 2 cm less than 0.5 kg parcel with your purchased art in it  from Toronto to New Jersey is only $ 8 CAD.

Subject Matter: </i>

Certain subject matter i will not do, for original characters of yours i would like to see the story/idea behind it. Defintely no Pr0n or yaoi stuff, so don't even ask. No hardcore demon stuff either lol.

Comic Covers and Pages etc: </i>

I would be also willing to sell some of the original lineart i have already done like covers etc, or anything you see in the gallery with little exception.


This type of commission is for companies and proffessionals who wish to use this as a cover to thier book, comic, and other prints etc. All characters are copyrighted their respective owners and I claim no responsibility on the right/license of use.  The commissioner shall be responsible for that if the picture is used other than personal collection as in commercial usage.

For commercial prices please note me. Details, size, type of art needed, all play into the quote I will give you, all payment and prices will be in CAD and we can figure out the equivilant in your nations currency.

Commercial Commissions have higher priority than Personal Commissions.

Thank you for watching and visiting!

Asalaamalaikum = Peace be upon you!


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O.o... my art just gets auctioned off at the school art auction for a small price.. and i dont even get the moneyz!

i never knew you could charge that much!
well maybe cuz you are a professional =P
Really, Omar, if I had the money, I'd commission you non-stop.

I know you're a great artist, but those prices are too much for me :(
Can I ask you for a commission?
Never mind, I found out I can pay you, sorry.
RocMegamanX Jan 25, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What are those prices in USD?
Omar-Dogan Jan 25, 2008  Professional General Artist
Read the whole journal post lol, not just the numbers!.
RocMegamanX Jan 25, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I did...but sadly...I can't afford the commissions at THOSE prices.

I wouldn't have wanted you to do pron or yaoi anyway, though.

I just couldn't help but focus on the numbers though.
Depending on how taxes go, i might just take you up on this offer.
My thoughts EXACTLY! =D
To those wondering about the quality of Mr. Dogan's work, you need not be concerned. I have three commissioned piece created by this man. I can say without a shadow of a doubt they are of the utmost workmanship.
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