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Commission list SDCC 2012 Last call

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 30, 2012, 10:01 AM
SDCC 2012 Pre-order list:

This deal is for SDCC 2012 attendees only:

Hey all, not much time remains until SDCC2012! This being the case I will once again open up the commission list for SDCC 2012 and offer the same deal as before.

You best deal is to buy before the show begins so that I not only can take more time on your commissions but to avoid disappointment as i will cease to take them after Saturday. This way everyone can have a fair chance to get something.

Prices will go up for fresh baked commissions during the show, don't miss out.

COLOUR MARKER 11x17 300USD/CAD and up depending on complexity or if it's an OC or even cars! Here are some past examples:</b></u>

These ones are sold! Note me to order you own!:
Punk Ibuki 2 by Omar-Dogan Juri in Pink by Omar-Dogan :thumb311673101: Punk Sakura by Omar-Dogan Ibuki 5748 by Omar-Dogan Jess Rock Candy by Omar-Dogan Jazmin Air by Omar-Dogan FF XIII Lightning by Omar-Dogan Chie Satonaka by Omar-Dogan Button Nasha by Omar-Dogan Brittany by Omar-Dogan s2000 White by Omar-Dogan Mitsuru by Omar-Dogan

These ones are for sale! Note is you're interested and more to come!:
Felicia Sushi by Omar-Dogan Nasha Glasses by Omar-Dogan Lalli Cookie by Omar-Dogan Juri Pizza by Omar-Dogan  Pullum Belly Dancing by Omar-Dogan :thumb311469044:

BW MARKER 11x17 200USD/CAD and up depending on complexity or if it's an OC, here are some past examples:

These ones are sold! Note me to order you own!:
Teera by Omar-Dogan DOOM by Omar-Dogan :thumb270171652: Salacious Lydia by Omar-Dogan Punk Ibuki by Omar-Dogan X-23 by Omar-Dogan Zaki Street Clothes by Omar-Dogan Breath of Fire Katt by Omar-Dogan

PRE-ORDER BONUS =  Candy Pop Print


Payment Method for pre-order:

ll your commissions will be delivered at SDCC 2012 to yourself or someone you agree will pick it up for you. Work will begin on Commissions upon receiving payment via paypal.


How to Order:

If you are interested to get an estimate or get in line simply note me in this style:

SDCC2012COMM: I'd like Sakura etc/

Original Covers/Pages:

Ask me for availability of anything I have worked on over the last 14 years, from Darkminds pages to Street Fighter and much more!


Even you don't drop one red cent at the booth I always welcome you to come by and chat!


I really do thank you guys and I hope I have been of some use to you.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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Biglamorris Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
Excellent Work!!!
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June 30, 2012