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Commissions open!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 18, 2010, 7:28 AM
Alright, here's the deal friends. I have two count em, two levels of commissions available for you not at all dissimilar to my normal convention routine:


With this price you get the original line/colour art on paper and a goodie(s)as well. These are prices for one character no BG. If your character has more detail I will increase the price to reflect the amount of time.

Head Shot: Paper size: 20cm x 25cm, 8in x 11in, 400dpi file

1) 30CAD/USD Black and White (Mix of ink and pencil)
2) 50CAD/USD Coloured (pencil crayon and marker)

Full Size: Paper size: 28cm x 43cm, 11in x 17in, 400dpi file

1) 130CAD/USD Black and White (Mix of ink and pencil)
2) 230CAD/USD Coloured (pencil crayon and marker)
Juri Stare by Omar-Dogan
3) 350CAD/USD Coloured (digitally high end)
Zaki 01 by Omar-Dogan

Cars: Paper size: 28cm x 43cm, 11in x 17in, 400dpi file

1) 100CAD/USD Black and White (Mix of ink and pencil)
New Yorker 86 Lines by Omar-Dogan
2) 220CAD/USD Coloured (digitally high end)
New Yorker 86 Colour by Omar-Dogan

Shipping is included for North America, probably for Europe too but I have to make sure the shipping isn't insanely expensive.

Context and Subject matter

I won't do these things:

Yaoi, Yuri, pr0n, hardcore violence or gore, 'bumps' and 'toes' and you know exactly what I'm referring to. I also wont draw your girl or specific people.

Other than that I might post your commission up or I might not, sometimes the scans of the pencil crayons and marker image does not do it justice, and the people who have received original colour stuff from me will say that same.

If I don't have visual reference i will charge more cause I am thinking and designing for you.  

Paypal now Accepted!

So I am taking paypal now, and money order.

Original Art for Sale:

Ibuki #3 page 2 original art and rough lineart:

250CAD/USD incl shipping

Zaki from upcoming UDON artbook original art:

300CAD/USD incl shipping

Anything else, please ask and I will give you a price. Comic pages start at 100CAD/USD just give me the page number including shipping!

I really do thank you guys and I hope I have been of some use to you.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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PrivatePoop Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2010
How long will commissions run for? I'm tempted to order a headshot, maaaaaybe around the new year.
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November 18, 2010