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Potential Commissions?

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 14, 2012, 7:19 PM
I have a bit of time coming up  this reading week and I think I can take on a few commissions. Also I have a bunch of prints that I am no longer allowed to sell at the UDON booth, this means that I will have some pretty sweet deals with multiple prints + commissions combos.

Most likely I will accept somewhere between 4 - 6 commissions, and I will have some very very good deals for prints as well. I still have about 10 prints left of the Juri / Sakura and Felicia alt in blue. I also have the Felicia in pink as well. I might have some other goodies as well such as the first page of the new girl book in poster format.

This means a few of you will defintely cash in if you choose to.

So send me a note and I will get back to you! Thank you in advance to all who what in on the action!

Option 1:

I do what I like:

Basically what happens here is you let me do as I wish with whatever character I have on special. At the onset of the commissions I will list a selection of characters I feel like drawing that you can chose from. Don't let the price fool you, as if I really am enjoying myself I might just put a little extra into it out of sheer enjoyment. This is the best choice IMO, and anyone who has let me have my way has not been dissapointed.

BW Marker Render: 240 USD/CAD *
Colour Marker Render: 280 USD/CAD *    
Colour Digital Render: 380 USD/CAD *


Option 2:

I do what you like:

Of course conditions apply, but you can ask for a specific licensed character that I will approve. There is some flexibility here for intrerpretation like custom costumes and such but generally they should be established characters. An example would be Chun Li in police uniform and etc.

BW Marker Render :  300 USD/CAD *  
Colour Marker Render: 350 USD/CAD *   
Colour Digital Render: 460 USD/CAD *


Option 3:

Can you draw my Original Character:

I am not a fan of drawing OC's at all and this will be under very special conditions if I do it. These will be very very limited and not open to everyone. The price will be highly variable depending on a variety of factors.

BW / Colour  Marker Render : Ask for Estimate *
Colour Digital Render: Ask for Estimate *


Original pages are for sale, but I am not allowed to sell the digital copy of any colour work. Enquire and I will quote you a price.


Paypal OR International Money order. People who have purchased commissions before this point can avail of a monthly payment plan. Ask for details via note.


1 All these rates are for private commissions and not professional work.

2 Prices will be adjusted for increased complexity of subject matter.

3 All commissions may or may not be done live on BlogTV unless the commissioner requests otherwise specifically beforehand.

4 All commissions may or may not be posted on dA by myself at either my discretion or the commissioner's.

5 All licensed characters copyright of their owners and no printing right is given barring a printout for your personal consumption (basically you can't sell mass prints of it and cash in, including covers to books etc which is a different type of commission).

6 No portraits, yaoi, yuri, gore, fetishes of any type, hate art, nudity artistic or otherwise including and not limited to hentai or sexually charged smut.

7 All commissions subject to approval by me and payment upfront unless another arrangement is made and agreed upon by both parties.

8 Full Payment of commission determines the order of production unless I chose otherwise.

9 Minimum Goodies are at least one signed limited edition print. Goodie ratio is in accordance to amount purchased and can be upped.

10 You will recieve my fullest effort and highest quality I can offer no matter what you purchase. I will not take the commission if I do not want to work on it to ensure you get my genuine effort.


BW Marker Render :
Punk Ibuki by Omar-Dogan X-23 by Omar-Dogan

Digital Render:
Felicia Alt Costume by Omar-Dogan Punk Sakura Alt Costume by Omar-Dogan Jess Shredding by Omar-Dogan

The colouring style can vary a bit so ask if you have something specific in mind, bgs obviously bump up the price but are an option if they're simple.

As always, I fully appreciate my fans and any of my commissioners will attest to their fair treatment and satisfaction of the final product. Even if you buy nothing at all your support is always noted and you are always welcome on my BlogTV channel where you can watch me work on an almost daily basis.

I really do thank you guys and I hope I have been of some use to you.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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RBL-M1A2Tanker Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012
Alas, I have a big project lined up, otherwise I would certainly have hit you up. Curse you timing! lol
sanfelipe007 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i wish i had points T-T
The-Lost-Ghost Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012
what are the special conditions for drawing someone's OC?
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