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The good ol' days

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 15, 2014, 11:04 PM
I remember a time when I would come on here routinely and vent all my feelings for no other reason than just that.

I think part of the reason I felt the need to do that here is because in my mind, you liking my art means potentially you like me as a person. This is not necessarily the case, but maybe in some instances it is.

Since a while back when all of us UDON folks went off to our own places away from a centralized studio, I've started to feel a sort of distance from the scene and my cohorts. As time went on, I got married and now have two kids, while manyof my coworkers don't and that is not a chastisement.

However, having a family of your own is a full time thing and one that needs constant communication and planning to get the most of. Many things that seem so unclear manifest themselves only well after the point, and all in all its a learning game that never stops.

Because of a number of factors, I also just turned off all external media out of sheer disinterest. I never watched tv and it has been turned off in our home for over one year. I want to throw it out, its and old CRT Trinitron. I stopped reading any manga or books, stopped playing any video games, and I don't have an interest in movies.

I said to myself, be the one to make the story and entertainment, not imbibe it. And as a result you have 5C.

What this means is that many a time I have nothing at all in common to talk to my cohorts about, since most of what they'll talk about is entertainment. I am concerned about my kids and my marriage and those are distant issues they don't care to relate to or can't even if they wanted to. I am not laying judgement, but I assure you it is a fact many folks nowadays go sailing into their thirties with no desire for marriage or kids whatsoever. That's their choice and I respect it.

But obviously, this creates a rift. I've been dubbed responsible, and I actually heard things like " you have kids? But you're a young guy!" when I was 32. It's lifestyle choice, and everyone is allowed to choice what they like and reap the rewards and consequences alike.

Now this is where you guys come in.

When you guys comment on my art, especially on 5th Capsule, I really get a lot of support. I mean, I look forward to your comments. My day is basically in complete silence, I just work and am left with my thoughts, I get home and spend time with my family, but again none of the things I love can be discussed with ease or understanding, and I am talking about art. My wife isn't an artist, and we talk mostly about family stuff and other things.

I've made my decisions on life and have no regrets, though it has left me a bit of an oddball in the industry in a way. I have no close friends that I talk to on the norm as we no longer have anything in common and my time is so limited and they live far away, but having you guys comment and interact really makes my day.

It really does help me a lot. You may see yourselves as fans, but a good deal of you I consider friends because you actually care what I'm doing, how I'm progressing, and my striving.

So here's to you guys, I appreciate you and hope all of you have great things in your life whatever you chose and that I can at the very least provide you with decent entertainment!

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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ArynChris Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014
I understand how you feel!  Most of my cohort is, well... gamers and college students.  My life went in a very different direction, and things like TV shows and the newest popular book series just aren't interesting anymore.  I have more important things in my life now.  I have to deal with health and financial problems that most people I know do not, and I'm focused on the worlds and stories I'm creating myself... but all that distances me from other people my age.  It seems as if I have nothing in common-- and nothing to talk about-- with anyone who isn't in a similar situation or who is a fan of my characters.

But I hope that's not a permanent thing, for me or for you. ^^;  It gets lonely.
Ten28 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014
Your art has always brought a smile to my face, from the Udon times to now.

I hope to see 5th Capsule out on shelves soon.
Seventhdaysoldier Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
I very much understand what your saying.
deathgrowl Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
you decreased your amount of watching TV, that's somewhat a good idea if you lived here in indonesia Kitten Rocks 
TheRounItami Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Even as primarily a DeviantART lurker, who just comes online, checks his watchlist and logs out... this was pretty touching man.

You are hands down my favourite artist.  It's not just something about your style but everything about your style that really resonates with me.  From your lineart to your colours, the sheer depth and breath of your talent is awe-inspiring.  I mean, I'm half decent at character design... mediocre at posing and suck at vehicles, the fact that you can do that all AND story-write AND story-board is a long list of pretty amazing, enviable and genuinely inspiring talents.  So the fact that you consider us fans to be friends is ridiculously humbling, man.

Keep up the good work and enjoy the life that you've chosen for yourself.
SaintOfTheDragons Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, I think it's so cool the path you've taken.
Kyuuen Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
I will always consider you one of my favorite artists. The Dan / Sakura cover of Sakura Legends is my all time favorite comic book cover.

With 5C, you are living a dream (that I'm sure that everyone who has created their own character desires) - bringing your OC's to realization in a professionally done, full color publication that is good enough to sell on a comic rack.
FalyneVarger Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Professional General Artist
I don't comment often because I feel like my words get lost in all of the internet noise. But since the support and feedback really do influence you, I'll make a point to comment on the pages. :)
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Professional General Artist
much obliged!
AEgln Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014
I think that even between your coworkers, there must be one or some that care about your life.
Friends are those, those that even without same interest, same background, or same context... talk with you, interest in your stuff, and get happy for your achievements like when the little kid start to babbling some words, or he/she takes a sheet and struggle with a happiness that enlighten your day... :D
Don't give up with people. :highfive:
Thanks for sharing, as always, the truth from inside you.
Peace be upon you too!!! :)
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