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What I've learned after ten years with UDON:

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 4, 2010, 2:49 PM
Most of you know, but for those who don't I have been working exclusively with UDON for the past decade or so. Here are some of the things i have learned over that time and maybe you might find some useful, or not.

Your Boss:

Though Erik Ko never commanded himself to be a boss over anyone, he is still the CEO of the company UDON. What I would like to say is that if you can find someone you can trust who is your boss, its a great thing. Many people in charge have a very inflated idea of their worth and tend to step on the people in their company, if you can find someone  who is not like this you are lucky in my books. He doesn't read these things up here, but he knows how i feel. We have worked together before UDON in Dreamwave back in 1999.

Loyalty and Fidelity:

These things are noticed by people who are like-minded and hopefully they are in charge. My gamble was to stick around and make the agreement that as long as i can support my family I will stay. As a result i have enjoyed many many perks and bonuses for it, and it has been worth it totally and a gives a great peace of mind.

Office Politics:

After a few bad experiences, I adopted a policy that if it doesn't concern you, well, it doesn't concern you. Don't worry about other people and concentrate on your own performance. It might take all of your strength, but just bite your tongue when you feel like sounding off complaints. But when you are asked, then you can say your piece.

Critiquing others in the company:

Nothing really gets accomplished by this unless the company is at risk or people are suffering from this person ineptitude. Kind of similar to the note above. Remember, you also have faults so take it easy, and you're not the police.

Demanding more money:

Be careful here, just because person 'A' is getting 2 bucks more than you doesn't mean you should start getting bent all out of shape. Which is better?: Being high priced and then laid off cause you're too expensive, or being fair priced and having a job. Its a fine line that shifts around. It doesn't mean be cheap, but stability is sometimes better than temporary high end wages which might not last.

Personal Finances:

Learn how to budget money, nothing worse than artists who can't handle their cash. Art and math are not incongruous, so don't fall for it. You blow all your cash all the time, you're going to sweat unnecessarily and be force to work on jobs you might not like because you're starvin like Marvin..

Working at home:

Great when you're single, when you get married, it is a bad thing overall. Separation between home and work is key to a healthy relationship and keeps your mind open. A fresh change of scenery prevents cabin fever, and you miss your loved one throughout the day. Rushing a major project and shunning your family is not the the way, nor is blowing past deadlines and relaxing either. Both those things happen more so when you work at home, and I'm speaking from experience. Balance it.

Fun time:

Keep it to a minimum, it's proportional to your success I found. "Be the person who creates entertainment, not the one who imbibes it" is a thought that has kept me going. Fun is after work.

Your Reputation:

It follows you so watch how you carry yourself. If you're late all the time, or on time all the time, then you'll be known for that. I don't do porn or stuff like that and have been careful as i can be as to what i work on.

The Industry:

Generally I feel the amount of filth and morally bankrupt ideas and concepts that get green lighted is amazing. Whatever is left of the vastly eroded influence of Christian morals is the only safe guard North America has from the intense and bizarre perversions elsewhere. It's enough to make me want to leave altogether and do something else for fear of being associated with it. For most they will say, "oh but that's my right to be free and enjoy life how i see fit" and for sure that is your right, but its also my right to do the same even if i don't see it the way you do. The problem is that both or all sides are not equally represented for people to make an informed decision on life and the bias is calculated into the industry.

In this entertainment industry, the main push is to over-sexing society and then bombarding them with violence, hyper consumerism and materialism. This is the formula to make money and keep it reinvesting in itself, and the people who come up with them are knowingly or unknowingly destroying society wholesale. Some people will say society leads industry by demand, but I say you that I feel that it's the industry that is sculpting consumers for their products. Get people wasting their time and money and minds on entertainment that nourishes them with naught and doesn't really challenge them. I feel like a hypocrite for working in it now after all these years, though I did not have the same view as now of it in the beginning. I have tried my best to be careful what i work on.

I am not saying all and everyone is involved in the worst aspects of this indusstry, just that it seems its becoming an overriding force guiding people generally to a type of gross sensualism and desensitizing violence and sex with little or no regard to sobriety and modesty.

Fortunately with UDON, I have not been forced to work on anything that I felt was really disturbing, and my boss  and the company as a whole has been super understanding of me altogether. I am really grateful that I could chose what I felt like working on after a certain point,.

My goal is to make 5th Capsule and have more control over how things are presented, but the sad fact is that I have 4 mouths to feed and other factors impeding it. I'm not asking you or anyone for money, but i am simply explaining the situation. Till then i cherry pick the jobs I can work on that seem the most harmless.

This is my opinion based on what I have experienced and what I myself believe personally, and not necessarily anyone else's.

My Art:

I have learned so many things in the time with UDON so far that i cannot even begin to mention them. So many great artists came and grew within the company. All of us are ferociously competing with each other and very aware of each others successes and growth in a friendly sort of way.

UDON also helped me to meet Ikeno, Kinu, Shoei, Shinkiro, and other major name brand artists which i would have never had a chance to meet.

Many if not all of my artistic dreams I have been able to fulfill in UDON. So thank you UDON for all the years and here's to many more to come.

I really do thank you guys and I hope I have been of some use to you.

Asalaamu Alaikum = Peace be upon you!

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eyon Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2010
I hole heartidly agree with the industry statment man i'm sure you know the term DEMOGRAPHIC but let me tell you it's bull shit every major company want a monopoly on every one's money that IT!!

Damn near every major broadcaster claims these shows are designed for a demo or better yet if someone comes up with an original idea for a pilot or a show then ppl who have NO ARTISTIC VISION review it and HINT you should tweak something for them when they really just wnat to slap a new label on an old concept and make money like someone else who 1st thought it up did.

Or some companies will by a dead show that was GREAT from another network and the network in question will literally ask for a ridiculous amoount of cash for a show they thought SUKED???

I honestly don't even miss my manga deal too much corruption and from a low end company but it's ok I'm in 1 of the best gamedesign school in our entire land mass so I'm gonna put the creations in my head in a game 1 day idc if it take me 10 years atleast I can say this is my work it is designed for ppl who are like minded to like not some DEMOGRAPHIC.

Personally I feel demographic is just another word for human stereotyping.And sadly too many companies are hiding behind and abusing my countries laws be thankful if you live in a country with less open ended laws,sometimes I wake and feel for ever 1 step america took ever we taking 5 back cuz we bring moral decay right with us.
Haunt-Me42 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2010
Yes! all of the above is true and I applaud you for say'n like it is! ^^
Kyuuen Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2010
I'm one of those that has fallen into that trap of being 'over-consumed'. I had the chance to be a good artist with some practice, but instead I oversampled the combined candy shops of the internet, comics, and other mediums. As a result, years and years have passed and I haven't much skill to create.

I once asked a friend if she saw my DA page. The answer was a flat "Yes.".


So, I'm reaffirming your words for anyone watching, Omar. Be a creator, not a user.

Though, I will get my hands on Vent someday to see more of 5th Capsule.
Cessa Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
wa allaikum salam

to respond about "the industry"

yeah, as person who work in this area i think that as problem too..
i realize its not err.. how i can say it.. its not right to lose to "syahwat"... so now i'll try to reduce to produce something that might be step that border...i feel kinda like hypocrate too..^_^'

i'm relieved that now many ppl think that way..
so maybe i owe you a thanks for the enlightment...XD
MattMoylan Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Cool dude, glad to hear more props for UDON and especially Erik ;)

Though have to disagree in the industry stuff. If anything we need to fight for more freedoms in media and against censorship. Recent overreactions to things like Janet Jackson's nip-slip or the Muhammed cartoons have definitely had a negative impact on media. There are things that you could do on American television 10 years ago that you can't do today. Though it's minor in the whole of society we have definitely taken a step backwards, and that's a scary thing.
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2010  Professional General Artist
Absolute freedom without guidelines is a dangerous thing insomuch as though it s freedom of speech to yell 'fire' in a crowded hall, it doesn't make it right. Also freedom of speech is not the right for freedom of hate be it for same sex relationships, races differences, or religious people alike if we are truly fair even if we don't agree on the points.

The media picks and choses what things people see and skews their perceptions therewith, which need to be called into account.

Calls for decency and accountability are natural reactions from a healthy society to the concern of the overall good of its environment, and should not be scoffed at altogether. And again, read carefully, i am not calling for censorship, merely that all sides are equally represented regardless of popular trends or marketability.

Further, there is a responsibility on the media for what they broadcast and to whom. I just question the decision making ofsome things marketted to youth and impressionable minds, not only children but adults.
MattMoylan Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Well, there are very few areas where danger and free speech intersect. Falsely yelling fire would be covered under mischief laws. And there are also laws against hate speech so that is covered. (Though parody and satire is a totally different animal from hate speech no matter what group you are making fun of, and needs to be protected as free speech absolutely.)

The problem with 'decency' is that it is a completely subjective term. There's nothing indecent about nudity or sexuality for example. Each person decides for themselves about it. But still, there are controls in place for such things. Movies and video games have ratings, TV has parental controls, books are easy enough for parents to browse themselves before giving to kids.

Though I am not sure what you mean about equal representation. There are all types of media out there, there really is something for everyone on tv, movies, books, etc. At least in the west, honestly I can't think of anyone who's not represented? There are shows that are sexy or not, violent or not, all types of news shows, family shows adult shows, everything.
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010  Professional General Artist
Decency is not as subjective as say the concept of beauty or art in that there are commonalitied amoung people ie: Most people would not want their mother to prance around naked in the streets, id say most of us woudl consider this indecent. Similarly I would venture to say most people wouldnt like to see two people having full blown sex or even heavy petting ina public area. they might say its their right, but that type of indecency is pretty unanimous across the board.

While its true that in media there is a rating system and the responsisbiliy is for the parents, there is no deniying the power impact pf media even if its so much as a slinky Vicotria secret billboard ad that provokes young eyes. Some forms of media are beyond that rating system.

As for equal representation, i mean to say that what sells the most is sex, violence and rock and roll as the old adage goes. I just feel that more emphasis goes on that and then there are these tiny niches. My goal with 5th capsule is to try and create a new niche.

There is no doubt that the freedom of the west afford a more fair view than monay other places like China for example. I just question why it seems the majority of what i see has so much sexualy charged advertising, not just here in the west but everywhere. there does seem to be a bias, and i feel its calculated and taken full advantage by unscrupulous marketers with wreckless abandon especially in ads.
calculusbandit Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010  Student Filmographer
"Art and math are not incongruous, so don't fall for it."

If only I could fav journals...
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2010  Professional General Artist
With the word calculus in you nick, and you being on dA, it makes total sense why youd like that line lol.
cottonwings Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I second that sir~
BustahWolf23 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010
wow spoken like a true champ! you really have the experience and skills Omar. :)
nfteixeira Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Great advices man! I've worked on and off the entertainment industry (not on U.S. sorry to say) and I must say all that you've said is just the plain truth. I have a real passion for what I do and I know that's real hard to keep a balace bettween your vision and what the people paying you want. Not to mention the reality of the inspiration process and company stresses.

I've got a new gig at a small game company now and I just try to do the best art I can, triyng to get my co-workers smile and my boss aproval . I guess that's all you really need.

Leonidas666 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've learn "office politics" the hard way.
"if it doesn't concern you, well, it doesn't concern you"... "and you're not the police" - good advice!
beaux-artworx Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010  Professional General Artist
Great article!
Your argument about the industry is very insightful and compelling.
Thank you for posting it.. :D
animeluver1029 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010  Professional General Artist
enhui Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
As someone who's about to be in charge of a quasi-company thing, this really helps me out and makes me more aware of who I could be as a "boss". Thanks a ton, Omar. It's really appreciated.
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010  Professional General Artist
Remember that the king is a servant to the people, the best people think this way and history attests to it.
PK-Hikaru Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Student
This is quite informative! thanks for the share! :)
BobGarvinArt Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
great post. I'm glad to see some mention those thoughts about "The industry".
mistermoster Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
It's always a delight and a great insight to read your thoughts on art and the industry, Omar; thanks for sharing!
JRinaldi Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Really well said, really insightful, and really inspiring.

I especially like how you come out and voice your thoughts on the Industry itself without holding anything back. I'm kind of with you--it seems like so, so much media pushes "edginess" for it's own sake, without taking into account anything remotely resembling good taste.

Keep up the absolutely fantastic work, and keep being a stand-up guy. :)
Maphisto86 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
I admire your professional integrity and work ethic Omar. These are pretty good ideas to live by in almost any career one finds themselves in. While "prudish" by my own sensibilities and the contemporary opinion of popular culture, I do admire your refusal to committ to projects that you feel personally uncomfortable with. Not an easy thing to do in the artistic business or entertainment industry.
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Professional General Artist
Certainly is harder to work nowadays.

Again, my viewpoint is different, but I figure why hide how I feel and see things since it is an open society.

I'll be the first to call it prudish to i'd say 90% of my fans.
Maphisto86 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
Well as I said I admire your professionalism on the matter. I hope you don't have to turn down too much work. As for "prudish", I get the feeling your probably not quite far from where I am actually. I just find it unwarranted how worried you are of your own work crossing the line when really I have seen far more sexualized content in mainstream comics then what you have produced. So no need to worry on that end! :)
Sketchfighter316 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
I should definitely take these advices into consideration if I set my career further into the artist world, Dogan-san. Thank you for sharing clearer details on the comic business.
mynando Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
This is some amazing advice. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
surthur Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
there is a famous comparison here :
"they say in usa people get hurt because everyone can buy guns - but in swiss, you can buy a steyr org in the supermarket and no one gets hurt !"
similar point of interest is the war of drugs. since USA started the war on drugs, black market became powerful and people got shot, very similar to the prohibition times. enemies of legal hemp claim that we can see that drugs cause problems in the netherlands, but everyone with an open mind and a little bit of information can see that hemp is not only "legal" in netherland , but in other countries as well, which dont have problems or crimewaves as well.
the problem in netherland is actually an ill "everything will be good" politic that does not filter ill acting people, to maintain a foreigner "friendly" attitude, opening the gates for the black market to deal to all the european countries which politic is against hemp.

that sidekick story is to illustrate that most times things are not that easy, and it is not the religion (or atheism or different form of belief/disbelief) that causes havoc, it is the interpretation , the intellect, and the inability to be responsible and fair.

its like a famous murderer said (at least something like that) : "they destroyed and disrespect our holy place and build their churchs on top of it, why should we not burn it down and disrespect it as well ?" there is a long chain of disrespect and destroyed freedom in history. there are no perfect ideals yet, and maybe never exist, but fanatism definitely killed and crippled much more humans then some dirty fantasies, if not the fanatism is the way to find an excuse for the dirty suppressed side of the person.

I dont know the perfect answer, but I thought, I reply to your sharing, with sharing.

I wish all the best for yourself, whatever it is you wish, for yourself.
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Professional General Artist
Hey you're German?

I'm half German!


... most times things are not that easy, and it is not the religion (or atheism or different form of belief/disbelief) that causes havoc, it is the interpretation , the intellect, and the inability to be responsible and fair.

I agree whole heartedly.
surthur Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Yes I am partially "german" and born in germany :D

actually my origins are preussian -unknown american - franconian and probably some ungarian xD

roots are funny.
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Professional General Artist
Fetishes were only one of the points, you forgot to address materialism, violence and consumerism, its a whole package.

As for conquering lands and destroying churches and whatnot, go to any Muslim country and you will still find Churches and even Cynagogues that were built for the Jews who fled the inquisition. Be careful with blanket statements, history is complex and it has many factors that contribute to its rise and fall.

There is no doubt that looking in the past all civilizations have had their fall forshadowed by gross sensualism and materialism. Check out Pompeii and Sodom and Gamorah, Egypt, there are many examples and their art actually details where it can be found. You don't even need those to see the effect of those points i highlighted above on society and i dont want my two daughters to be exposed to it insofar as i can protect them, and i cant forever.

Everyone has something dirty they dont want others to know, we are all human. But when dignity is lost and people have no shame and expose these things, this is the downfall of society and it is my task as a Muslim not to force anyone but to warn against it. I invite any other like minded individuals to do the same as well.

What you do is your life and you will get whatever good or bad is out of it.

I do very much appreciate your thoughts and time you put into your replies, they are delicious food for thought.
surthur Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I didnt adress those points, since I think "american" consumerism is indeed on a very strange level, even for me as sheltered european, but swiss for example has an extremely low criminal rate, many healthy nature areas, fueled by the banks we all know are doing mischief..
I did really not try to lump religions together or declare christians as evil or something, I just tried to express how things can turn out, even under strong faith (leading into whatever direction) and rules and how paradox the world sometimes is.

Sidekick example is for a change how much depression a life without problems and struggle for physical survival in the western world can be created.
I think Violence and open sexuality in old feudal Japan is an interesting thing as well, because it was a rigid country with such fierce rules and complex honourcodes and long times independent from the hungry tentacles of the european banks.

Talking is absolutely fine and appreciated. =)

Of course, so far all empires had to kneel down in front of time.
All small peaceful loving communities in this material world as such have to do so as well, there is really no escape, as far as I can tell.
And that is good and shall always happen, until it is time to change.

Maybe a fault of humanity is the thought that we build these cities for it to stand forever , especially on this side of the globe, death is not a much appreciated topic here.

I have met some persons who felt the very urge to express the dirty side and show them to all, since they felt illtreated by the very effects of the society you dislike, as rebellion against the image of the plastic human, without hairs, with "perfect" pornogenitals and body. Those people are not too rarely very much against pornos, or have a strong disregard for it.
There are much stories we could probably exchange =)

I for example like to remind people that islamic culture produced many ingenious scientists and philosophers in the past (and in the present), even I dont find myself on the islams side or the fundamentalists (of whatever religion or system of thought) , that have nearly completely assimilated the image of islam in the western eye, just like the big companies and the USA probably formed the image of the west in the eyes of the east.

I also know that there have been aspects at the heathens side that had to change, that actually invited the imperialism of the vatican , if they liked it or not, to be successful.
That is why I described it as the roman christianity. I know many very different christian sects and I know of the sufi among the muslims, I know to differ and appreciate things that are not of my nature... I think =)

But maybe I forgot how I appear in your eyes or in the eyes of a religious man, I will try harder next time to improve communication.

I also think of apes, like bonobo apes, but I know not everyone does like the comparison with apes, so I will skip that.

I can understand your point , especially that of your daughters protection, I see under 12 year old girls with very sexy lingery suddenly running around and a very enforced idiot-program in the TV (which I do not possess anymore for that reason), and I personally wonder how long people misunderstand emancipation with the image of the TV.

I also understand your concern as a storyteller. The only reason I am not in comic business so far is that I prefer to ponder on what I can and want to tell, I can feel into that very good, the responsibility is so huge it can lead to temporary overestimation of ones own chances to change the world.
Moebius is maybe the perfect historic comic figure to depict this dilemma. Highly interesting career I can say, there is a good documentation at google videos you might enjoy.

Rules always intend to give security in the beginning. I can understand the need of laws,look into the books of laws in western countries, the complexity of society leads to the dillemma of too many factors to deal with, maybe the idea of an everlasting single republic is long overdone here.
My country is a master in creating new laws. Too many Laws dont need to be iron, they simply start to destroy their own intention by insane complexity (local law is under german law is under european law..) , so I can perfectly understand the attractive sides of easy rules and nature laws, which german does not long for it.. while we are in the need of many new laws or at least a complex new approach.. maybe societies just crumble , because the evolution of humanity is getting behind the complexity of society today.
I read the news that evolution of mankind is much faster then we humans realise.

Maybe it needs a lot more cries of downfall until the new baby is born. I dont know.

I even consider it to be not too far fetched in old times to chop off a thiefs arm, eye for an eye - until I consider the community to be at fault for the thief to become poor, which is a troubling thing if you think of the relationship between poor countries full of oil and rich western countries reckless at the search for more (while claiming to bring justice and progress).

what is simple anyway. Nature seems simple only in the first glance, I think, but it is effective. But are we really that off from nature ?
So far we know that evolution does simply chop off all which doesnt fit to the demands of the environment.
The only valid point in the question of "natural" I think is that we create an environment which leads not to the death of earth , but ourself , unless we shoot out the human seed into space or go back to become a transporter of seeds again. but maybe we will even become both, the seed of earth, surviving the natural limited lifetime of earth.
I am personally in a deep schism there.

Things are really always outside of human perception at some scale, and I hope there will be more intelligent muslims like you under the local muslims here soon, the fundis fuel the conflict here and give too much oppurtunity to argue for war in the east - but who am I to tell what is good for the future of humanity or the earth, europe does well to create hatred for europe anyway..

I am glad we had this conversation. Wouldnt mind if you continue to show your perspective, I dont see much of your origins country here.

Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Professional General Artist
Your comment is so rich i will address it in the order as you have written it:

It was unfair for me to suggest that you were lumping all religions together, you were citing and example you were familiar with that served the point.

Japan, and my wife is half japanese for the record, has very many strange aspects to it that only an island nation could have. The open sexuality I think youre referring to is in the art , similar to that of China in the past centuries. Today's Japan is a differnt thing altogehter seemingly to have tapped the latent sexuality of man and exploded it into many varying sects of fetishes. It was actually to this point I was trying to say that in the past 100 years Christianity provided a road block to those things here in NA. Actually NA was quite prudish inthe 1900's compared to Europe.

Death is slow but steady and sure for empires and us all: It's sickle is time and its final end is Justice.

Islamic influence from arabic numbers to science and way of thought lead Europe out of the dark ages. the dark ages of europe were the peak of the islamic empire and any orientalist will say so. My shagrin is that Muslims now have to reach so far back in history to find glory, i for one want to give back to my country and show my faith is a beneficial thing for soceity and humanity at large.

Sufism has given so many things and is yet completely maligned in islam today by many scholars for dollars in Saudi Arabia. I for one of many do not acknowledge them as authorities in the least and feel that Muslims as a whole have failed miserably to convey our messege and have done nothing to contribute to help people today. If people have a horrid opinion of Islam, I personally put the Muslim mass to blame myself included. With so many resources and bright minds we have sold our souls at the feet of the entertainment industry which is my point to mention it.

Our children know more about everything else other than their own belief and in part it is due to entertainment.

As for women in society worldwide, they are victims both willingly and unwillingly. Everyone sneers when a girl puts on a scarf to cover up even of her own choice, but what is so bad about it actually?> Every culture if you look you'll find has an idea of modesty, and i for one try to advocate that. this makes it very very hard for me to work in this industry whihc is bent on using it to the fullest.

At least as a storyteller, i can use the images but put context to them which changes mindsets. i know way do i underesstimate my art or any arts ability to influence. It is a powerful tool often misused and always seen.

As for laws, they need be simple and in Islam at least they were all laid out ans still work today. I dont see the logic in spening over 60 000 $ a year for a criminal who killed someone. If they have been proven to have killed they can have the punishment or the victims can chose to forgive him. As for the hand chopping, in times of poverty and famine, the law is with held, and within it are other niceities as well. I dont want peopl to think tis a bunch of knives and sabres flying and dismembering people because it isnt and wasnt. There were courts that were free for the public, and its for this reason that Shariah law cannot be applied in western countries ie that lawyers and sych cannot be afforded to everyone in an equal manor.

Though do consider if you see some on hang for raping a little girl who was still laying with dolls, the public will feel the matte ended and that it will infact scare the crap out of the waeker ones who might have thought of doing it. There will always be killers and the like, but they need to know the cnsequence of their action.

Many things in our minds are common as far as law goes for example: If you kill my wife i will be upset, or the public will, stealing, lying, adultery everyone can relate to these things. These are the simple laws or better said common laws we all can appreciate and try to follow.

People need to stop the sloganeering and practice what they preach. Just because we dont necessarily see thigns the same way is not a means for war, and Cordova Spain was a super multicultural placein Europe created by Muslims nearly what 800 years ago. Islam is not new in Europe, and it is for everyone not just Arabs or Pakistanis.

Most of my family is Christian and I do not hate them at all. we have to find the common links and ideas and build on that and there is a lot more than people think to build on.

In the end we are all family. My pointing out of fetishes and the like is nothing more than out of concern and certainly not out of contempt. I just fear the the open broadcast of it which we are racing towards is a thing to be warned against and the world always needs a prude heh.

Again Thank you for you comments
surthur Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
sorry, but telling from the last 1000 years of history of germany, so called christian morality produced all sorts of things your stomach might not tolerate.
otherwise, I am grateful for your perspectives and oppinions, sharing your experience so far.

If you want an intellectual challenge of perspective,
read up detailed history of europe, read all , regarding how christianity and power worked together (especially since rome), how they worked on people to hear the "truth" they wanted to be told and how they claim it was a progression for civilication.. (witchhunt was the smalles portion..).

*shrug* yeah fetish, why not, I noticed I am a fetishperson at the age of 12, before I even got in touch with pornos or something else that is actively going to tell me that its cool. pretty harmless , compared to really tear up people, wipe out civilications and cultures in the name of love and trinity and commanding blind belief, in my perspective. The need of release and perversion did not appear out of nowhere, watch people reject sexuality for a very long time and most times you get a person flaming with perversion and paradox inner life, suddenly in the middle against demons, further on fighting its environment in paranoia.

I have many fetishs and I am perverse in the eye of common religion. so ? I dont hurt anyone and I do not promote to suppress ANYONE, not knowing or active, at least.
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Professional General Artist
Its your life, but there is a safe norm, and not everyone handles their vices the same way or knows their limits. In Islam limits are given to protect us from the bad effects both to ourselves and other people even if we don't know all of the potential effects. They aren't baseless advices or even hard rules either, quite natural and easy actually.

This is my own bias which is as entitled as anyones opinion.

There are many other civilizations than Christianity based ones so don't lump all religions in the same pile as they aren't. I only point to it as a former stumbling block to these things and local factor to NA for the last hundred years.

Also, supression of certain feeling can make for people who rebel all together and i am not advocating iron fist rule.
konoesuzumiya Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010   Digital Artist
:love: you're so awesome, Omar. I think any company that can have you as their artist is the luckiest company in the world!

I'm sadly not entering into the art field as a career, but at least in the future, I may try out part time jobs for them! Just because, well, you know, I love arting after all :heart:
Ernesto-Alonso Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
yeah this is pretty insightful and I understand your point of view whether I believe them or not. That's ok.
I wanna work hard and if I get into this industry, maybe I'll understand more and more what you mean. thank you.
elsevilla Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
really nice man, i liked the fun part, and what do you mean in capsule 5, its that your own comic project?
iX3TV Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
Very insightful and informative, it's great to see someone with a moral backbone in the industry
truly refreshing, thank you for sharing these tips with us
Moogleborg Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
Awesome words. :D Very inspiring too. ^^ Keep up the good work Omar. ^_^
LVUER Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
Thanks, this could be an inspiration for me ^_^
batboy138 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's nice to hear from someone who gives a damn.
Tengoku-chan Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
Well said! Its refreshing to see someone with solid ideals who actually lives by them! You are an inspiration to us all and I hope you are successful at what you're doing.
PrivatePoop Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
You're an inspiration to us all, did you say you were going to be at AnimeBoston?
dn-revenge Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
nice read, thanks! :)
OmegaDez Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
I wouldn't say your art, or anything Udon does, is low on the morality scale. XD

But... do you really think "Christian morality" has anything to do with society not falling into a huge pit of depravity?

I gotta be the world's biggest atheist, yet I'm pretty sure my morality standards are pretty higher than many of those so-called Christians that still cling to their religion...
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Professional General Artist
The credit has to be given and my family is Christian and i know what I was brought up with is much more stern and directed than what is out there now.

Just consider that women didnt prance around naked at the turn of the 19th century amoung many other signs of more sober and moral behaviour.

Those ideals that were held we instilled in the laws, and even still the Canadian charter of Freedom, the first thing it says is about 'the supremacy of God' under which the laws are formed.
OmegaDez Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010
Not trying to say anything against religion.(Islam, or Christianism, or anything) I respect everyone's beliefs.

But I think morality is something everyone feels differently. If it takes fearing hell for immoral people to stay in check, isn't it hypocrisy?

And I really don't see many women prance around naked in these parts... Toronto sure sounds wild. ;)

But I'm getting off topic here.
I enjoyed that journal post of yours.
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010  Professional General Artist
The fear of Hell is one aspect but not the only factor in following laws, there are also huge benefits as well to living a good life.

Morality when linked to virtue is a consistent and established thing, like for example not lying, not stealing, not killing, everyone can agree to those things as a type of natural law that when people follow it makes life easier.

I am not trying to shove anything down anyones throat, but my children have to grow up here in this world too, and communication between ideas helps for understanding.

Thanks man
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