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GT4 Question: How many km's do you have on your favourite car not including how much you bought it with? 

41 deviants said I don't play GT4, ask me about Naruto!
15 deviants said Get a PS3 already you old foogie!
12 deviants said I have added over 2000km since i got my car.
11 deviants said I have so many favourite cars, none of them have over 500km that i drove.
9 deviants said I have added 1000km since i got my car.
4 deviants said I have added 500km since i got my car.

Devious Comments

no i'm talking the one for PS2, i bought a copy but my brother treated it like crap so i gave it away
I havent got GT4, but GT3 A-Spec how can you pick a favourite. Apart from that there are so many differnt requirements you have to meet to race, how can you just stick with 1 car? 'Sides drifting is alot harder that in the good old GT, man those GTR's used to drift around the track.
they made the driving system more realistic in every game so if you got used to one you couldn't do the next without practice, i know what you mean though i used to be able to drift sideways into the turn come out of it straight, best way to learn how to drive the new systems is to get his really tiny old truck thats pretty cheap in it, it will only go around 60-90 on the dirt tracks but it gets you used to it a bit
Chaparral 2j (more than 1800km - p/w ratio:0.773)
This car is way too hard to drive, it got the sharpest responses i have seen so far in the game, but i love it!
Pepeu May 29, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
I don't own Gran Turismo 4. I do, however, own Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, but I haven't played it for a long time. I am currently playing Forza Motorsport. I think my 2003 VW Golf R32 is the one with the highest mileage (1 mile = 1.4 kilometers) but I don't know how much it is. Upwards of 500, though. I have too many cars to keep track of individual mileage.
Actually, 1 mile = 1.601 km :)
Pepeu Jun 2, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
My mistake.
I dont play GT4 bu I certainly dont like Naruto
ClawsOfSteel May 29, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Please don't ask me about Naruto, I haven't gotten terribly far into it.
ittoryu24 May 29, 2007
i don't like gt... XD
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